Product Review: The Best Damn Book Box - June Box

Product Review: The Best Damn Book Box - June Box

Hello Everyone,

Today I will be reviewing the June The Best Damn Book Box, which I received in the mail today on July 30, 2016.  I have reviewed this box before, and I did give it a 5/5, but due to changes in the box and the company, I am compelled to write a new review based on the status of the box as it is now.

In the past couple of months this box has grown tremendously, and due to that growth, the box has changed.  I have been with The best Damn Book Box since day one, so I have noticed these changes more then some others have, so my opinions are solely my own.  I know that this box has received a lot of drama from people lately which is uncalled for, so I wanted to review it based on what I feel the quality of the items and the box as a whole to be.  So here goes.

June Game of Thrones Box

June's theme was Game of Thrones, and while I have not seen the series I have read the books, and I am in love with them.  I was quite excited for this box, but my excitement fizzled out in late June when I realized I would not be receiving my box for some time.  The company had a few hiccups that caused the delay, but when the box already had a history of being delayed, I was not hopeful.  I do think that subscription boxes should arrive within the month that they are said to represent, and that in itself knocked off a point for me.  Two months is too long to receive a box, especially one in which I prepaid for six months ago.

Moving On - Appearance:

In past boxes, every item had been meticulously wrapped as though they were presents.  Opening the box used to be like opening a cozy gift from someone who loves you, but that has since changed.  Instead, all items were wrapped in black and red tissue paper for more of a minimalist experience.  While this was still cute, it didn't have that coziness that I had become accustomed to.

The Items:


The book included in this month's box was "The Crown's Game" by Evelyn Skye.  I hadn't heard of this book before receiving this box, so I was quite intrigued.  It is a great pick, and I am excited to dig into it.  I think that, based on its back cover blurb, it is a great fit to be paired with the Game of Thrones theme, and luckily I haven't seen any other book boxes who included this book as well.

*Amazon retail value is $10.58.


Included were also a couple of advertisements for other authors and their work.  Both of the authors presented are indie authors of whom I have worked with before, so seeing their items in the box was a pleasant surprise.  While these items don't have monetary value, their presence shows that the owner has great care for little known authors, and I appreciated that.

*No retail value.


In the past few months, The Best Damn Book Box has used the same artist to create pieces of artwork that go along with the theme.  Last month's Beauty and the Beast print was nice, but this piece of art is much better.  I judge on quality more than retail value in boxes, and that means that this piece of art was priceless because it can't be bought anywhere else.

*Possible retail value of $1, if that.


The next item was a watercolor bookmark, artist unknown.  A list of all items and shops included in the box was not present this month, so I am unsure as to who designed this.  While it is a pretty picture,  this is the fourth paper item in the box.  That being said, it didn't strike me as a piece of value.  If the art was created specifically for this box, then I think that it qualifies in the category of uniqueness.  However, with not artist name, I can't be sure of its origin.

*Possible retail value of $1, if that.


This dragon necklace was also included.  It is an okay piece, but seems cheap.  I have seen this on ebay for 99 cents, and it being included seemed a bit like filler.

*Retail value of 99 cents.


This "Mother of Dragons" coast by Pigsey Art was actually quite nice.  It is well done, and usable.  One of my favorite items from the box.  The shop that created this is a small business, and I love the inclusion of little known shops into boxes.

*Retail value of $6.


These bookmarks are from Nerdy Grl Designs, and are adorable.  They are magnetic, and I assume they are original art.  I have received some bookmarks from this shop in other boxes, and love how unique they are.

*Retail value unknown.


A "Mother of Dragons" pin.  This piece is cute, but probably something that I don't have a use for.  I am not sure who the artist is, or who created this, but it is another filler piece.

*Retail price unknown.


This last item is a pack of wax melts that smell AMAZING.  I have already begun to melt them, and the color they turn into when melted does resemble blood.  They weren't in everyone's box, only those who got their boxes last, and they did compliment the box well.

*Retail price unknown.

Overall, I give this box a 3/5.  It lost a point for the insane wait time, and another for the majority of the items in the box being filler.  This box would have scored better if it had been a $25 - $30 box, but $40 is too much for what you get.  The only items I would keep from this box would be the book, wax melts, magnetic bookmarks, and the coaster, and I would have paid $25 at most for all of them.

However, this is just my opinion and I paid for the box myself.  It was not given to me for a review, so my thoughts are solely as a consumer.  If you are looking for more of a fandom box, The Best Damn Book Box is for you since the focus seems to be more on the theme then the books provided.  The owner does not read the books they include beforehand, so the book choices are always a gamble.  However, if this box were reduced down to $25, I would re-subscribe.  I just can't convince myself now that the money spent on this box is justified.


Published by Ashley Nestler

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