Review: Paper Street Books and Comics Box

Review: Paper Street Books and Comics Box

Aug 22, 2016, 8:39:55 PM Entertainment

Paper Street Books and Comics is a bi-monthly (you receive a box every two months) box that sends you either a graphic novel, a thriller/horror/fantasy/dystopian book, or both.  I purchased the Warrior Box which includes a book, graphic novel, and numerous fandom items and I am IN LOVE with this box.  It is basically a fandom cube based on books, and the box introduces you to graphic novels you might have not otherwise tried.

I also love that this box is bi-monthly, because it is perfect for people who might not want to spend the money to have a box every single month.  I highly suggest getting the Warrior Box because it is the best value and comes with the most swag, but the book only or graphic novel only boxes are great alternatives as well.  Hell, I just adore this box and there is absolutely nothing that I think could be worked on.  You will love every box you receive, guaranteed.  And Jennifer, one of the co-owners, is a sweetheart which makes getting the box that much better.

August/September Box Review

Item #1 - This Must Be Where Pies Go When They Die Candle by Milk & Jelly



Milk & Jelly is a side business that Jennifer, one of the co-owners, owns and I am in love with this candle.  It smells of cherry almond and brown sugar and I can't stop smelling it.  The size is also great, because it is 4 oz., and bigger than the traditional sample size.  Jennifer used beeswax in this candle, which is meant to purify the air instead of making the air too thick.  I am very happy with how this candle burns, and I will definitely be buying more of her candles from Milk & Jelly.  This candle is also based on Twin Peaks, to add that nerd appeal.

Item #2 - What Would Jessica Jones Do? Art Print by Megan Lara


I love this art print.  It is a standard picture size and nicely wrapped in cellophane to protect it.  The art is just gorgeous, and it goes perfectly on my wall of fandom prints.

Item #3 - Castiel POP Figure Keychain from Supernatural


I have recently gotten pretty heavy into Supernatural, so I was very happy with this keychain.  I am also a huge geek for POP figures, so I couldn't be happier with this item.  It is the perfect size to have with you always.  I received Castiel, but you could have received Dean as well.

Item #4 - Book Warrior T- Shirt


This t-shirt is adorable, and I love the pink on white.  I also buy shirts in a bigger size, and this shirt is perfect as a workout shirt and night shirt.  It is very comfortable, and I love how it is exclusive to the box.

Item #5 - Riverkeep by Martin Stewart


This is the book that was included in this period's box, and I went gaga over it.  I didn't know anything about this book beforehand, which made me like it even more.  I love being introduced to new books, and both of this month's book were wrapped in paper and string like mystery novels.  It was adorable.

Item #6 - Plutona by Jeff Lemire, Emi Lenox, and Jodie Bellaire 


This was the graphic novel of the month, and I ate it right up.  The idea of it is very interesting, and I like how the superheroes involved are different from your classic DC and Marvel superheroes.  I love being able to explore new graphic novels away from DC and Marvel and this pick was brilliant.

Overall, this box is great at introducing you to new books and genres, while also sending you items that you most likely would not have bought elsewhere.  It is perfect for those who are into many different fandoms, and it sets itself apart from other book boxes.  If you have not bought this box yet, then what are you waiting for?  It is guaranteed to change your reading experience in so many ways.

Published by Ashley Nestler

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