How I Became Confident Without Makeup

“Do you wear makeup everyday? I want to stop wearing it because I want my skin to breathe but I feel so self conscious. How can I stop?”

I got this question a while back and let me ask you, do you know those days where you go out without makeup and you instantly regret it? You feel so self concious and don’t want anyone looking at you?

Never fear, we all do. I will admit some days I do wear makeup because I want to look nice but now a days makeup isn’t a must. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE makeup and it is a passion of mine but I just don’t feel the need like I used to. 

During my high school days I would never to go to school without makeup until about mid year 12. I used to wear makeup because of social groups and really the people around me influenced me heavily. Soon enough I drifted from the superficial friends and realised that a lot of my other friends did not care if I wore makeup or not. They care solidly about what qualities you have. When I came to realise this, I stopped wearing makeup and then slowly as time went on I started to accept myself. It took me a while to stop wearing it everyday but truthfully a lot of me being able to go out with a naked face was surrounding myself with people who were not materialistic.

I do have acne scaring and yes, I do believe I look better with makeup but really why should my personal appearance bother others that aren’t me?

People say “You need to wear makeup or you won’t get a job.” or “Aren’t you going to cover your face a little?”. But that’s the thing, my face shouldn’t bother people nor, should it represent who I am. With or without makeup I am the same person under it all. Even if my face is beat down you’re not going to find another Ashley.

Now I’m not saying, never wear makeup but I am saying, don’t let it limit you. I wear makeup when I want to look nice for work or uni but it is not a must. If you want to leave the house without makeup you damn well should be able to. It’s time to come to terms with your natural beauty and embrace yourself. 

If your friends make you feel pressured to wear makeup consider hanging around new people because at the end of the day, people shouldn’t want to be around you for your outside looks.

Try to love your natural self and all will come easy.

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Ashley x

Published by Ashley Spudtato


Sep 23, 2016, 3:07:10 AM

Love the empowerment behind this post. Indeed, natural beauty is a wonder on its own!

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