Detailed Wireless Setup Instruction With Profession Guidance

Detailed Wireless Setup Instruction With Profession Guidance

Jun 30, 2020, 8:00:32 AM Tech and Science

Nowadays, printers are mostly affordable, cheap and capable enough to tackle our daily needs problems. It is pretty baffling to choose the right printer because at one point in time it gets hang or starts showing some problem. In many printers, a wireless setup option is also available that can reduce the cable clutter around your desk and allow you to connect multiple computers to the device wirelessly. If you don’t know how to connect HP wireless Setup Officejet, then don’t worry we’re here to help you. Follow the steps given below to set up an HP Wireless Printer Setup.

How to set up HP Wireless Printer:

Step 1: Firstly, turn on your HP wireless printer which is needed to be set up. Now you can use the touchscreen panel in your wireless printer to connect the wireless network.

Step 2: On the touchscreen panel, press the Right Arrow and then press the Setup option.

Step 3: Now from the setup drop down menu select Network.

Step 4: Now select the Wireless Setup Wizard and it will help the user to search for the available wireless routers in the range.

Step 5: Now select the Network (SSID) from the available list.

Step 6: Now enter the WEP/WPA Passphrase for network and press Done button.

Step 7: Now press OK to confirm the settings that you have made.

Step 8: Now press OK to print the wireless report or press Skip.

Step 9: Both wired and wireless computers on the network have been now being able to browse your printer and print to it.

The printer will now set up at this point, so you can exit the installation if you wish. But if the user desires to set up faxing, you will do so on the next screen, then choose when you want the printer to show you ink alerts. You can also choose to register the printer, which you want to do in case you have any future problems with the device.

To use Auto Wireless Connect Option for HP Wireless Printer Setup

  • You need to ensure computer and network are compatible with each other
  • Now, you need to search for your printer’s software. Go to HP Support page, type your printer model number. Then click find and download next to top software entry.
  • You will software file. Double click to open the HP Printer Setup process.
  • Switch On your Printer. Your printer will prepare to connect if it is compatible with HP Auto Wireless Connect.
  • But the printer will retain this setting for only 2 hrs.

After turning your printer on, follow the onscreen instructions till you reach “Network Section”. Instructions may vary with the operating system and printer model.

Now, select Ethernet/wireless network option which is present in the middle of the page to proceed with HP Wireless Printer Setup

  • Proceed by clicking “Yes” to send wireless settings to the printer. The information will help in locating the printer and sending wireless network information over the internet.
  • Now, wait for a few minutes for your printer to connect. When your printer is over with the connection process, you will see a confirmation message on your computer screen.
  • Follow, the on-screen prompts on your computer screen to finish the set-up process.

Connect Manually

Follow the immensely easy steps for HP Printer Setup manually.

  • You need to ensure the printer is installed on the computer to proceed with 123 HP Setup for your printers. In most cases, you just need to connect the printer to your computer via USB cable and allow it to install its software. However, many printers also come with installation CDs.
  • Turn your printer on for starting with HP printer Setup. All you need to do is connect the printer to a power source and press the power button.
  • Turn on the touch screen on a printer if necessary. If there is no touch screen on the printer, you need to connect the printer wirelessly using the software setup process. You may also require to uninstall the printer if it is already installed and re-install it to connect it with the wireless network.
  • Select the “setup” option. The option may appear on a different place on screen depending on your printer.
  • You also have the option to select Wireless. Tap “Wireless”.
  • Open the wireless settings by selecting Network
  • Select “Wireless Network Wizard”. This will enable the printer to search for wireless networks.
  • Now proceed with HP Wireless Printer Setup by selecting Network name. Remember, this is the same name which you assigned to your wireless network when you created it.
  • You are likely to see router manufacturer name and model number if you have not specified network name during wireless setup
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page, select the field and enter network name, if you do not see the network name.
  • Enter the network password now to move further with 123 HP Setup for your printer. The password is the same which you use to log on to the wireless network.
  • You can instead press the WPS button if your router has the option for it.
  • Select “Done”. This will save credentials and prompt the printer to connect to the network.
  • Select “OK” when prompted. You are done with HP Printer Setup

Enjoy printing on completion of 123 HP Setup for your printer. You will now be able to print over the wireless network.

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