Process to Setup Canon IJ Printer Via ij start canon

Process to Setup Canon IJ Printer Via ij start canon

Jan 8, 2021, 2:14:34 AM Tech and Science

Installing a canon printer has never been this easy. Today in this post you will find a complete guide on how to download & install canon printer driver. Canon has a wide range of products such as printer, scanners, camera & Much More. providing manuals and guides is not easy for such a big client base that’s why the web address gives you All the access to Download the Canon Driver. while Installing Canon pixma Or any other All in one printer you must be Careful With Steps & Their order. Learn to Use setup to Get the Setup Done Manually. Download manuals & driver for complete installation of your canon Device.

Things You Do Before Installing Canon Pinter

Guys Whether You are installing a New Or Old Printer Regardless Of Brand Most people Make this Mistake & they End Up Wasting Lot of Time, Energy, Sometimes It May even cause hardware Failure to their Canon Printer. Just To make it Simple & Quick we have an Instant Guide for you to Follow Before you Proceed for Installing Or Re-installing Canon Printer Driver

  • Restart the Computer Or Any device such as Phone Or Tablet that you using to Install Canon Wireless Printer.
  • Now go to Install Application List & remove Any Older version of canon Driver (Software) Or Any Other Printer Driver Because it’s Really Important to remove expired, corrupted or Outdated software to Avoid Conflict & Technical Error.
  • Once Its Please Restart the Devices Along With Printer So Your Computer & phone Can clear the files out of the system & get ready to load New Ones.
  • Regardless of Windows, Mac Or IOS Please Remove the Printer From You Saved Printer List & Make Sure to Remove the Old Printer With Old Settings So You can Add this New Printer.
  • Take out the printer unit from the box and remove all the packing materials.
  • Place the canon printer on a flat and steady surface.
  • Remove the protective material and orange color tape from the canon printer.
  • If You have a New Printer then its Best You Disconnect Or Priorities new Printer With Router
  • Install the printer head as well as ink cartridges of canon printer.
  • Insert the A4 size paper in the paper tray properly.
  • Plug-in cable and turn on the canon printer unit. Now the printer is ready for printing.

How To Install Canon Wireless Printer Without USB cable?

The wireless printer can also be setup without using the USB and through the printer and the device itself. To configure the wireless printer without USB by following then pointers given below:

  • To begin with, you need to install the drivers related to the printers in your system. To do so, you must learn to setup Canon Printer from ijsetup. Visit the of Canon printer and then go to the Drivers Download Section. Once you reach the drivers section, mention the printer model and the Operating System’s version.
  • After you enter in the specifics and confirm the details, a download link will pop up on the screen. Then you’d need to use the printer and establish a connection.
  • From the, go to the network settings of your printer by using the Tool like option and then take into account that WEP and SSID related to the printer.
  • Afterwards, you should note the values such as D.N.S address pertaining to your system for the later use.
  • Then you should turn on the printer and press on the Settings option and then go to the WEP option. You should then insert these values in this space.
  • After you have completed inserted the values related to your system in the printer, you need to insert the printer related values in the system.
  • To complete the setup, first visit the Control Panel through the Start button. Once you reach there, you must click on the Hardware option. Then an array of options will open up on the screen. Select the Printer and Fax tab and then click on the option to add devices to your system. To add the printer, click on the Scan option and once you are able to see your Canon printer, click on the plus button.
  • Once you have clicked on the plus button, the device will be attached to your printer. Conduct a test print to see if it is working.

Conclusion -This is how you can install the drivers for your wireless printer without using the USB cable. There are other ways through which you can also setup the printer but in any case, you need to setup Canon Printer from http: //ij.start.cannon

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