Five Rules And Instructions You Should Know To Play Ludo

 how to play Ludo

Five Rules And Instructions You Should Know To Play Ludo

Sep 6, 2021, 11:06:39 AM Entertainment

The word Ludo comes from Latin, and its etymological meaning is 'I Play.' Ludo is derived from the Indian game Pachisi. Pachisi comes from the Hindi word pachis, which means twenty-five, the most significant score one can throw with cowrie shells. There are other Western versions of Pachisi like Parchís from Spain, Parcheesi from the USA, and Uckers. Ludo is a strategy board game played between two to four players. It is a simplified board game, and it is ideal for both children and adults. Players need to move the pieces around the board based on the outcome of the dice.

The traditional gameplay of Ludo is now reincarnated into a digital version. From sports to party games, almost every game is currently being adapted into a digital game format. The digital adaptation of Ludo is now enabling people to easily access the games on their smartphones and play them on the go. The random chance board game of Ludo also gained immense popularity in the wake of the pandemic, as most people stayed back at their homes to isolate themselves. Online Ludo enables digitally bringing together friends and families and engaging in multiple rounds of Ludo on mobile phones. Ludo is fun and also boosts concentration, confidence, and cognitive skills. Moreover, players can post-challenge challenges and invite strangers to play against them. Hence, online Ludo has improved the accessibility of this board game, and by installing the application on the android, iOS, or Windows platforms, they can play it anytime, anywhere.

The digital adaptation of Ludo is helping one to cope with the nostalgia of the past and once again connect with it. Families or friends play it together to reminisce the simpler past days. Moreover, Ludo is also very beneficial for children. It teaches them good sportsmanship by taking turns, sharing, and a healthy spirit of competitiveness, allowing them to develop good interpersonal skills. Adults play it to cope with stress and anxiety, calm their minds, and enjoy peace and tranquility. If you are doubtful about how to play Ludo, this list of rules and instructions will clear it up.

Game Setup

If you are playing it offline, you require a game board, tokens/pieces, and a dice. For playing it online, you need to download the app on your smartphone. A game of Ludo can be played between two to four players. Each player will have to choose a color for their game pieces. They need to place their pieces within the color-coordinated home bases. The player will decide on their turn to throw the dice, that is, who will follow whom, and it followed in the exact pattern for the rest of the game. The pieces will move in clockwise order around the game board. The initial goal of each player is to get a six on the throw of the dice. It is required for moving out one of their pieces from the home base to the starting position.

Movement Of the Tokens

A full-fledged game starts once all the players get their tokens on the track. Based on the number that appears on the dice, the player can move their piece equal number of spaces. If you have multiple pieces out on the track, you must strategically plan which piece you should from its locations. Carefully consider the opponent’s pieces to determine that they are not jeopardizing your token’s position, and accordingly take the leaps. Your goal is to move the token securely to the home column without being knocked out by the opponent’s pieces.

Killing Or Capturing the Pieces in Ludo

Killing an opponent's pieces is the most thrilling part of playing Ludo. If a player's token lands on the same square as that of the opponents, the captured coin goes back to its home pockets, no matter how far they have traveled. The player who manages to capture the opponent's token gets a bonus roll. However, if the opponent's coin is landed on safe zones (colorful squares), no one can capture the coins in this position. You cannot kill a token in the home run, i.e., the final rectangular-shaped destination. If you come across a pile of same-colored tokens occupying a single square, you cannot capture them.

Rules For The 6’s

If you roll out a six on the dice, you can either bring a token into the game from the home base or move ahead with an existing piece already on the track. Every time you roll a six, you will get an extra turn for rolling the die. However, if you get three consecutive sixes, your rolls are entirely negated, and your turn is canceled. That is, you will have to wait for your next turn to move your token based on the die outcome.

Winning The Game

The player who brings all their tokens into a home column of its corresponding color and makes it enter into the home triangle will win the game. Other players still keep playing for the runner-up positions.

To Conclude:

The gameplay is straightforward to follow. Once you understand the rules, you can quickly initiate the game and occupy the winning position.

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