How to Get Your 7.5 Ton Category Licence? Plus, Its Top 5 Perks

7.5 Ton Category Licence

How to Get Your 7.5 Ton Category Licence? Plus, Its Top 5 Perks

Oct 14, 2021, 10:46:28 AM Opinion

Can you tell us what type of driving license do you have currently? Are you an A1 or Class B license holder? What if we tell you a way to obtain a Category C or C1 license? It could come in handy, especially if you wish to drive heavy horseboxes, ambulances, or other vehicles. Not just that, getting a 7.5 Ton Category Licence will enable you to navigate most heavy vehicles, doesn’t matter you operate large horseboxes professionally or personally. What else, if you are keen to earn more than what you are making now, opting for a Category C1 license will surely help you achieve your goal. If you are still not sure about whether to be better off with a C1 category license or not, we can deliver you additional convincing details. Let’s see first:

What is a Category C1 License?

A Category C1 license is a must-have document for drivers wanting to operate motor vehicles with MAM (Maximum Authorised Mass) between 3,500 kg and 7,500 kg. However, if the maximum authorized mass of your HGV is more than 7,500 kg, you need to acquire a category C driving license for that. 

How to obtain your Category C1 License?

Do you know why you need to have a 7.5 Ton Category Licence when all you have to drive is just a few extra sets of wheels? The regulations make it mandatory for drivers to have an advanced driving license for 7.5-tonne vehicles because they carry additional weight than average automobiles. You might not know this, but the truth is that driving a heavy vehicle is a pretty different experience than small cars as they involve additional concerns only experienced heavy vehicle drivers know. Braking and cornering troubles are a few that get affected when the size and weight of the vehicle increases. 

The process of Class C1 license acquisition works as follows:

1. Get in touch with an excellent heavy vehicle driver training institute in London 

2. Show them your willingness to enrol in their driver training courses

3. Gain the essential knowledge through their comprehensive classroom training 

4. Stay on the ball when getting behind the wheels during training 

5. Take and pass the practical skills test at an authorized testing centre

What are the various components of efficient driver training?

When you are peeping into availing expert guidance, you need not choose a training partner without perceiving the processes involved in heavy vehicle driver training. So, we will let you know what does the best driver training programmes involve.

To acquire training for obtaining your Category C1 license, you will have to pass through three phases:

1. Driving theory 

It is the first step to obtain your 7.5 Ton Category Licence, where you need to appear for the driver theory test. Once you have passed this test, you will become eligible to move to the practical stage. Since your potential driver training partner will educate you entirely to succeed in the theory test, you need not worry about that. Moreover, when you pass this test, the result will remain valid for only two years, using which you can obtain another HGV license in that period. 

Structure of theory test:

The theory test to get a Category C1 license will comprise 50 multiple-choice questions. And if you want to get a Professional Aptitude Certificate (PAC), you need to face an additional 50 questions and 8 case studies with the oral test. 

2. Driving skills 

It is necessary to learn how to drive a 7.5-tonne HGV in traffic safely and proficiently. That’s where the leading driver training institute in London plays a crucial role in teaching the essential skills that you need for truck driving. That’s not all; they will also educate you about other skills, such as navigating heavy vehicles in wet weather conditions and basic reversing, braking, cornering, and accelerating techniques. 

3. Practical demonstration 

It is the last stage of the HGV driver training, where you need to demonstrate to examiners how to perform some fundamental tasks. For instance, they may ask you to do a walkaround check of a truck while explaining what you are doing throughout the process. 

What are the perks of holding a C1 driving license?

1. You can drive medium-sized heavy goods vehicles up to 7,500 kg, such as ambulances, horseboxes, and removal trucks

2. The work and pay for driving a 7.5-tonne vehicle is similar to that of a Category C license holder

3. The C1 driving test vehicle makes for easy to pass the test

4. Employment opportunities for a C1 driving license holder are pretty good 

5. The C1 driver training courses are cheaper than category C driver training programs

The endnote

We hope you now know the process to obtain a category C1 license with its multiple benefits. So, if you want to enrol in a C1 driver training course now, be sure to immediately get in touch with the optimal HGV driver training institute in London. 

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