Most Important Skills Tests for Call Centers

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Most Important Skills Tests for Call Centers

Nov 25, 2021, 7:24:55 AM Business

The ideal candidate for a call center position can vary based on a few different factors, such as: 

●The company’s industry

●Whether the call center is for sales or customer service

●If the employee is expected to work remotely

While hiring managers must consider all of these factors when posting jobs and making hiring decisions, they face a relatively high turnover rate, especially among customer service representatives (CSRs). Despite little or no overall growth in the number of CSR positions, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects an average of about 361,000 openings every year.

These openings make it extremely important to hire the person with the right JobFit, meaning the most suitable candidate for your position. With skills testing, you can more accurately pinpoint the best candidates for your open call center jobs. 

Ensure your new hires have the necessary skills, which can also help lower your turnover rate. Let’s look at some of eSkill’s most important call center skills tests that you can include as part of your hiring process.

Customer Service Skills Tests

For many companies, call centers are devoted primarily to providing customer service. These employees play a vital role in establishing and maintaining a positive customer relationship, and ensuring that your workers have the right customer service skills plays a significant role in that task. 

The job certainly is not easy, and expectations are high. According to Forbes, 82% of customers want to resolve their issues while talking to only one individual, no matter how complicated the problem. That can put a lot of pressure on the call center employee, and you need to make sure that they have the skills they need to handle the situation.

At eSkill, you can choose from over 800 pre-made skills tests, organized by job and by subject, to assess applicants for the right skill set. For instance, you can select the job-based customer service skills test to focus on that specific position or administer the call center skills test to cover a wider range of potential jobs.

You can also create your own customized skills test to better target your specific position. You can combine multiple customer service skills tests into a single skills test or pick and choose individual questions from eSkill’s bank of more than 1,600 validated questions.

Call Center Sales Skills Tests

While many companies focus their call centers on customer service, others rely on call centers for sales development. Sales call center employees need a combination of customer service skills and selling capacity. 

eSkill’s Talent Assessment Platform gives you the flexibility to create skills tests tailored directly to your needs. You can choose sales skills tests specific to call centers or assess candidates’ sales abilities more generally.

Another effective option for your sales skills testing is adding video response questions. These questions ask candidates to record their answers in video format, so you can see how they respond in person. You can learn a lot about a candidate’s personality and verbal communication ability from these questions.

How eSkill Can Help You Make the Right Hire

With eSkill, you can easily integrate these call center skills tests into your hiring process. Our Talent Assessment Platform easily integrates into most leading ATS software, including Bullhorn. You only need to create your skills test and adjust your settings to determine who will receive an email containing the test link. 

You can have links set out automatically to screen all applicants or manually send emails to a select group of candidates.

The eSkill dashboard is clean and easy to navigate, making it simple to sort candidates based on their test responses. You can see how each candidate performed at a glance, allowing you to quickly identify which applicants are the best fit for the open position. You can also see which applicants have not yet taken the skills test, allowing you to rule them out if they remain uncooperative.

eSkill also lets you look at each applicant’s test results in more detail, allowing you to see how they performed on questions of varying difficulty. Sometimes a candidate with a good but not great score may have done well on more difficult material, making them a better fit than someone who focused on the easier questions.

One additional benefit of adding call center skills testing to your hiring process is that it helps eliminate any unconscious bias. By quantifying a candidate’s skill set, you can compare applicants without allowing other factors to come into play. This impartiality can help improve your company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion, an important part of the modern workplace. 

Interested in Learning More About Using Call Center Skills Tests to Hire for Your Positions?

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Published by Ashly Williams

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