Buying Health Online: Best Spots to Get Healthy Snacks

Buying Health Online: Best Spots to Get Healthy Snacks

Mar 4, 2019, 8:23:30 PM Life and Styles

In a world filled with several snacking options to choose from, it's easy to throw healthy eating habits out the window. Supermarket shelves are stocked with unhealthy snack options, and it can be difficult to find snacks that are good for the body. However, there are several healthy snacks created to be both nutritious and tasty. Here's a run-down of some of the best snack manufacturers.

1. Enlightened Ice Cream: Enlightened ice cream pints are full of nutrition "you can feel good about and a taste you'll feel great about," says the landing page of Enlightened ice cream. They are number one on the list because of their intense focus on nutrition and health. Instead of the traditional milkfat in regular ice cream, each enlightened ice cream pint is full of milk protein, as well as real fruit ingredients, making sure that the nutrients aren't lost in the processing.

2. Forager Project: Snacks usually mean some variation of junk food, but not Forager's products. Their organic vegetable chips, for instance, retain all the feel and taste of real vegetables and have a unique flavor that tastes almost too good to be a snack. But then, it is.

3. Quinn Popcorn: Goodbye, buttery, high-cholesterol popcorn, and hello, Quinn popcorn. Quinn popcorn offers only popcorn, but they make them in the healthiest ways, and with the most delicious flavors. The kernels are also packaged in hazard-free paper bags and are made microwave-ready.

4. Planters: They offer a wide variety of healthy snacks, ranging from cashews and peanuts to cheese balls and pistachios. Packed with proteins, Planters cashews offer an addictive taste, and they can be consumed on the go.

5. Barthkins: Everybody knows that chocolate is good for the health. However, Barkthins' chocolate ups the standard of regular chocolate by wrapping them around several other foods like coconut and pretzels. The final product is a delicious, heart-friendly snack.

6. Maya Kaimal: Maya Kaimal is on a mission "to offer exceptional Indian foods that are accessible and modern." That's precisely what they have done with their wide variety of naan chips. Made with whole grain flour, they capture the essence of healthy snacking while delivering on their promise of exceptional foods.

7. Caveman Foods: Caveman foods produce snacks that smack of simplicity, flavor, and nutrition. Their wide variety of bars (protein bars, nutrition bars, and primal bars) serves not only to give something to chew, but also to keep the body healthy and full of nutrition.

8. Hail Merry: When you mix clean and fresh ingredients with an incredible taste and a gluten-free composition, you get Hail Merry's delicious range of snacks and bars. What's even more exciting about Hail Merry's snacks is that they come in fun labels like cups, bites, and bars. These symbolize their unique blend of originality and attention to detail.

Unhealthy snacks have always been the bane of eating healthy. However, with these healthy alternatives, they no longer have to be. Now, anyone can enjoy a delicious snack and still enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.


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