How to Get Taken Seriously as a Freelance Business Owner

How to Get Taken Seriously as a Freelance Business Owner

Dec 11, 2018, 1:14:18 PM Business

When you run a one-person business out of your home, it can be difficult to get potential clients to take you seriously. While your much larger competitors are showing up at trade shows with sales teams and impressing your prospects with their apparent abilities, your company is finding it difficult to even get an appointment to make a sales presentation.


The key to succeeding in business is appearance, and there are plenty of ways to enhance the appearance of your business. Remember that perception is everything and there are many resources available to help your business to be perceived as an elite member of your industry.


Use a Virtual Mailbox for Your Business Address


Larger corporations frequently use P.O. boxes to serve as their mailing address or supplement their brick and mortar location address. When youre a small business owner or freelancer who works mostly out of the house, you want to use a P.O. box as well for privacy, a dedicated business address, etc.


Rather than get a standard P.O. Box, a better more modern solution is to get a virtual mailbox. When you use a virtual mailbox, you will be given a physical address where your mail can safely be delivered. You can review your mail and decide what mail to have forwarded to you, and what mail gets shredded. If you are trying to figure out how to get your clients to take you seriously, then a virtual mailbox with a physical address is a good place to start.


Rent a Virtual Office


The number of freelancers who make between $75,000.00 and $99,000.00 per year went from nine percent in 2014 to 19 percent in 2017. For freelancers, the key to financial success appears to be getting out of the office and getting out on their own. But if you want your clients to take you seriously, you are going to have to go back to an office mentality.


Freelancers work from home because it saves money on overhead, and there really is no need to rent an office for a one-person operation. But when it is time to impress clients, an office is essential. Freelance business owners can keep their independence but still have meetings in big conference rooms by renting virtual office space. With virtual office space, you only pay for the time you use the space and you have access to an office that will impress your potential clients.


Create Your Own Online Identity



It is estimated that there will be more freelance working individuals than non-freelancers by 2027. Despite the fact that freelancers will dominate the corporate world, a freelancer will still want to create the perception that their company is bigger.


On the Internet, every company is the same size. A freelance business owner can invest in a state-of-the-art website that will make their company look as impressive, and maybe even more impressive, than a competitor worth billions of dollars. You should have an email address that matches your website address, and you should use the same functionality tools used by the larger corporations. In the end, your company can look like a corporate giant when you invest in the right online identity.


Choose Partners Wisely


It is estimated that 55 million American workers were freelancers in 2016. Freelancers do everything from write marketing materials to run their own online retail stores. The partners a freelance chooses to work with can help that freelancer to look like a huge company to any client.


If your freelance business involves purchasing products wholesale and then selling them to retail clients, then you have an excellent opportunity to expand the size of your business immediately. Choose dropshipping suppliers who have locations all over the country and will ship to your clients using your company information.


For example, if you are a network designer, then work with a computer supplier who will put your company name on the shipping paperwork and invoices. You can even find computer suppliers who will put your company name on the computers you sell. This gives you the opportunity to list all of your supplier's locations as your locations and immediately make your business a national powerhouse.


Develop and use a Professional Network


When you have an accountant you deal with regularly, you can refer to that outsourced professional as your accounting team when talking to clients. Thanks to outsourcing, you can have a legal team, an IT support team, a sales support team, and a variety of other professional support mechanisms that make your company seem much more significant.


If you are a freelancer who works on their own, then it can be difficult to get prospective clients to take your business endeavors seriously. But when you carry yourself with an air of confidence and spend time utilizing the resources around you that make your company seem much more substantial, then your business can look as big as your largest corporate competitor.






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