Modernize Your Mail with a Virtual Mailbox

Modernize Your Mail with a Virtual Mailbox

Mar 4, 2019, 8:20:47 PM News

As a small business, you are destined to start seeing the amount of physical mail you get increase. The biggest problem is that, with standard mail delivery, the invoices and checks get grouped in with the great offers for airfare to the Bahamas and the pleas from Nigerian royalty for your help with a financial matter.


Along with using email, your company should also be modernizing your mail system by utilizing a virtual mailbox. You should be submit a USPS form 1583 to have all of your standard mail sent to a different physical mailing address and enjoying all of the benefits a virtual mailbox has to offer.


Added Security


There are those business owners who feel that the U.S. Postal Service is not as much of a business tool as it used to be, and those business owners would be wrong. In 2016, 9.8 billion product catalogs were mailed to U.S. consumers from a variety of companies. The mail is alive and well, and it is still an area of security concern for your small business.


When you have a virtual mailbox, you know that your sensitive mail will always be picked up by a responsible person and kept far away from prying criminal eyes. Any packages or other important deliveries are also given priority treatment, which significantly increases your company's security.


A Bit Of Personal Privacy


If you are like many small business owners, you run your company from home to keep down costs. But the idea of having to give out your home address as your physical business address makes you nervous. Businesses also use your address as a place to send more marketing mail that you may or may not need to run your business.


With a virtual mailbox, you do not have to give out your home address to get business mail. Since your virtual address is business only, you can rest assured knowing that those marketing flyers are for your business and not your home.


Control Your Mail Online


In this modern world, people are able to use technology to better organize their lives and their businesses. A virtual mailbox is an online mailbox where you can use your smartphone to review all of the mail you get and decide what you will keep, and what gets recycled. Thanks to the advances of the Internet, you never have to field all of that extra mail, but you can make sure that all of it is properly handled.


Run Your Business Without Relying On Your Personal Life


Stability and reliability are the two traits consumers look for when they buy from a small business. As your business grows, you might decide it is time to buy a new home and give yourself and your family more space. But a move like that could damage your business because it could give consumers the impression that your business is unstable.


With an online mailbox, you never have to worry about any of the elements of your personal life affecting your business life. Your company address will remain the same for as long as you want it to, which gives your small business and important air of stability.


Automatically Transition Your Paper Records To Digital


There are many ways that a virtual mailbox service saves your company money, but one reason that gets overlooked is the ability to immediately transition your paper documents to digital. Not only can you review digital scans of your standard mail to determine what happens to it, but you can use those files to keep in your digital records.


Satisfies Requirements A P.O. Box Cannot


Many small business owners are familiar with the limitations of post office boxes when it comes to bank loans and other important documentation. At the same time, you can feel uneasy using your home address for a business function. The use of a virtual mailbox solves that problem by giving you a physical address that satisfies all of the application and paperwork requirements for any organization, while avoiding the need to mix your personal address in with your business functions.


Keep Your Business Operations Private


When you utilize your home address as your business address, you are inevitably going to have packages or mail that requires a signature left at the neighbor's house. While your neighbors would probably not embarrass you with a lot of questions, it can be frustrating to have the postal service putting sensitive business documents and packages into the hands of people who do not need to see them. With a virtual mailbox, you are the only person who ever sees your mail and you are the one who decides what happens to each and every piece of mail you receive.


Just because a system has been in effect for a very long time does not necessarily make it the best solution. Utilizing your home mailing address for your small business can create a lot of problems for your business and your personal life. The solution is a virtual mailbox that gives you all of the modern tools you need to take care of your company's mail without having to worry about the kinds of issues standard mail delivery can cause.


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