6 Reasons To Visit Munich City On Vacations

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6 Reasons To Visit Munich City On Vacations

Sep 24, 2021, 3:01:36 PM Entertainment

I first went to Munich when I was in my mid 20s for an assignment for work and was stunned by the amazing city it was. Since then, I've returned to Munich for a weekend getaway numerous times and I often recommend the city to my friends seeking an international, diverse, and tourist-friendly city visit.

It's with great pleasure that I've put together 10 of my reasons why you should go to Munich which I hope that you be able to use if you're planning to spend a few days there as well.

Nymphenburg Palace

In Munich's Wester District located in Munich's wester district The Nymphenburg Palace is a stunning Baroque palace that is regarded as one of the most prestigious royal palaces in Europe. Its frontal width of 632 meters even exceeds Versailles Palace! The palace was initially planned to be a summer home to the Bavarian monarchy. It was later extended as time went on. Explore the grounds and English-style gardens. Explore the waterfalls and geysers as well as the beautiful interior. It's a must-see!

Marianplatz & Christmas Markets

If you're visiting Munich in winter or summer it is never a dull moment to explore in Marianplatz the city's main square. Personally, I like being there during the holiday season due to the equizate Chritstmas market, which is also known to be the Christkindlmarkt. The atmosphere is fantastic and you can purchase beautiful gifts while enjoying plenty of local food and drinks available.

Excellent selection of accommodations

Whatever you're looking to spend there are amazing options that will please every budget. We've stayed at luxurious five-star hotels, as well as less basic, yet practical and clean accommodations and all have had their own unique charm. It is recommended to begin an online booking earlier rather than later to make sure you get the most suitable selection that fits your budget. Personally, we prefer to stay somewhere central to be able to walk around on walking, but the transportation options are great too, so it's really entirely up to you...

Oktoberfest and/or Beer Gardens

You're probably had a glimpse of Oktoberfest previously? I believe it's similar to marmite in that you'll either love or hate the sounds of this annual festival that usually attracts more than six million visitors from all over the world. Or you'd rather visit Munich in a more peaceful time. No matter when you go to Munich the city, make sure to stop to one of the numerous beer gardens in order to have an'steiner' of excellent beer. It was the time I became pregnant during one of my visits there and was able to hide my pregnancy from my family and friends by drinking large quantities of beer that was not alcoholic. They were unaware!

Car Crazy

Car lovers will enjoy going to BMW Welt. It is a combination delivery, exhibition, adventure museum and event space located in Munich's District Am Riesenfeld, next to the Olympic Park, BMW Welt is located in the BMW Factory and headquarters. Visitors can take a look at BMW's 125 most beautiful and valuable motorbikes, automobiles and engines, as well as exploring the rich history of a world-renowned brand. Take a look at the calendar of events prior to your visit since there are many thrilling events throughout the year.

Museums galore!

Munich is awash with amazing museums, which you could be able to spend hours, if not days, in. Some are excellent value for money, and on Sundays, they require just 1 euro to get in. There are more than the 80 museum options in Munich to pick from among our favorites to check out comprise Munich Residence, the Munich Residence, Staatliches Museum Agyptischer Kunst, and the Bier- und Oktoberfestmuseum. To be honest, they're all worth a trip.

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