Should I Find My Dad?

Should I Find My Dad?

Nov 12, 2021, 5:51:08 AM Tech and Science

Per the United States Census Bureau, roughly 25% of children do not have a father figure in their lives. Countless others have a father figure who is not their biological parent. Some are the result of closed adoptions, were raised by parents they believed were biologically connected to them. Others were raised by a single mother after their father abandoned the family when they were young.

Regardless matter the reason, millions of adults are searching for—or considering searching for—their biological dad. For such people, thoughts like the ones below tend to be reoccurring themes.

  • I'm just curious about my origins and why I was placed for adoption.
  • I really just want to find my dad.
  • What was the reason for my father's departure?
  • Is there anyone who looks or acts like me out there?
  • I'd like to know more about my medical history, and if I have any unidentified biological siblings.

These, and a slew of other unsolved issues, can spur people to seek for their biological father.

While there may be thousands of causes for a child's separation from his father, the desire to reconnect is universal. With DNA testing and skilled genealogy assistance, there is hope for reconciliation and reunion. Continue reading to understand how to locate your father and what tools can assist you in your hunt.

Why Is It Important to Find a Biological Father?

There are five main reasons why children want to locate a biological father, according to Whether you were given up for adoption, you are alienated from your father, or something else entirely, there are five main reasons that children want to discover a biological father. These aren't the only reasons for the search, but they are the most popular. They are as follows:

  • Pure curiosity
  • A desire to learn more about their ancestors
  • A desire to learn important health information from a birth father
  • A desire to establish a missing relationship between them and a birth father
  • A need to fill an emotional void

Jenny Wallentine, co-founder of Origins Genealogy, a professional genetic genealogy firm, has always been perplexed as to why she is so passionate about football. She found out her birth father had played professional football. Since meeting him, football is now something they can both enjoy.

It takes guts to take the initial step toward finding your birth father. The fear of the unknown can be a source of anxiety. Making the effort to find the answers you desire, on the other hand, might bring healing, calm, and connections you didn't know you possessed.

Why Do Fathers Disappear From Their Families?

Because of their alienation, many children never meet their biological father. Fathers leave their homes for a variety of reasons, but most of the time they believe they are providing a service to their child or children by doing so. They have an erroneous perspective of attempting to protect a child from themselves and deep-seated worries that make them feel insufficient.

Past abuse or trauma, a dysfunctional connection with a spouse, or other immobilizing factors plague some fathers. Others may be dealing with mental illness or a deadly addiction that fuels their feelings of inadequacy. Finding my biological father by handwriting "I miss you dad"

Yes, some fathers suffer with self-centeredness and are unable to prioritize their child's needs over their own.

The Loss of a Biological Father As a result of Adoption

For a variety of reasons, children are placed for adoption. Today, 60-70 percent of domestic adoptions are open adoptions, which allow adoptees to receive some information about their biological parents. In the past, however, closed adoptions were the norm.

Find Out What's Missing

It's worth the effort to figure out what happened to separate you from your own father. These unanswered concerns can produce resentment, mistrust, grief, and an internal cacophony that stifles true progress and potential realization.

You'll probably feel relieved, if not empathetic, when you learn the genuine reason for your father's departure. Even if you disagree with his decision, you'll be able to understand why he made it and connect with him as a person.

You have the capacity to reunite with your biological father if you have been estranged from him. Former impossibilities are now realistic possibilities in this incredible information age. DNA testing, professional genealogy companies, and other developments make connecting with your dad a lot more likely.

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