Why You Should Try J.J. Lares Calls from Kittles

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Why You Should Try J.J. Lares Calls from Kittles

Oct 27, 2021, 6:47:08 AM Entertainment

The Magnum Hen is quickly becoming one of the most popular duck hunting calls in North America. This JJ Lares call produces a sound that's similar to what ducks on an overcast day would make as they fly overhead, giving hunters just enough information without revealing their location and allowing them time for a stealthy approach before making shots clear shots possible!

It also includes another distinct feature: The Duck Call Treadle Trigger System which makes it easier than ever before so you can find those elusive targets hidden among all those migrating Canada geese down south or come up with some fresh new sounds from your favorite outfitters such as Wills Outfitters where we offer more options than anyone else out there today.

About Kittles Outdoors

Kittle's Outdoor & Sport has been in business since 1999. It is a family-owned business that continues to operate out of Uptown Colusa, California and they sell everything from Waterfowl supplies and fishing equipment! New customers should be aware hunting or fishing gear available at Kittles - The store near the Grey Life Wildlife Area (which offers both) as well as Delevan Refuge for those looking into more than one type; Sutter/Colusa River State Park offers live bait within their respective departments too so you can find what your heart desires here.

About J.J. Lares

For over three decades, JJ Lares has made one of the world's most sought-after waterfowl calls in Chico. For this, he has received several accolades and his product is ideal for anybody who enjoys hunting ducks or other similar types of birds with their dog (they make excellent decoys). The sounds available come from a variety of hues but black happens to be what you're likely going find if they sell them today because it’s easy on both ears and eyes; many hunt enthusiasts choose that color when looking through store windows at a mall crawls!

The Magnum Hen is one of the newest additions to JJ Lares' lineup and it's quickly becoming a favorite among hunters. This call gives you that commanding hen mallard demanding presence of birds flying above marshland, which can be especially useful when opened up tuleys for ducks looking down from their hiding spots high in deciduous trees! It also boosts sound coming from all other hybrid calls giving its user an authoritative appearance - making this product perfect for any hunt where success will depend largely on how well-loved they've become by other anglers who know what good gear looks like.

About the Magnum

Kittle's customers and hunters all over the country enjoy the Magnum JJ Lares calls, considered by many to be one of two premium options. These high-pitched squawks can entice ducks or other birds in restricted areas during mating season - this product has been well received both among our regular consumers as well individuals who come into Kittle’s looking for something new they haven't tried before! It really does make you feel good while also working; it is popular because it works.


If you're looking to learn more about waterfowl, whether for hunting or simply just trying out your new call, and want the best of both worlds then look no further. Kittles Outdoor has some awesome options available like their JJ lares duck calls which are perfect because they can sound like hens as well! With these high-quality products come fantastic choices so make sure that when shopping around don't settle on anything less than what is offered here at KITTLES OUTDOORS.

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