Human Body: Beyond Masculinity and femininity

Human Body: Beyond Masculinity and femininity

May 24, 2017, 3:05:15 AM Creative

Human body

A mysterious place to live in

With different parts

Each having their own esse

Human body when characterized

On prop of the shape

The curve

The size

Radiates either masculine, or feminine vibe

While some parts,

Beautifully placed

Some are with flaws

Say it, wrongly laced?

Well, this is how they opinionate

‘Cause acceptance is now so outdated

What if masculine and feminine intertwine?

Or one over the same, overwrite?

How would you gender this mysterious placing?

Is it really a flaw, or is it a blessing?

The body, being a natural phenomenon

Is beyond our judgments, or even the reach

Why objectify it to trash our opinions?

For the reality can never be ceased

Who are we to judge?

Or lawyer the term gender?

For the word in itself no more sounds tender

The hypocrites, the pretenders

The ones with flaws

Pretending to be perfect

Sharpening their claws

To scratch all over with harsh words

On human body?


Human heart.

The Human body

A mysterious place to live in

Is like an art

Carved with life in it

The more abstract, the more beautiful

The more different, the more captivating

Which not just adds value in it

But only few can afford it

And those who can’t meet it

They are the ones who demean it

Yes, the hypocrites

Who never understand the truth of beauty

Published by Asmita Nepal

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