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Hey y'all! 

I'm Aspen, a 16 year old, journal blogger. I write about everything under the sun, and am always open to new opportunities! I love learning, and reading about ideas that inspire me to write. 

I'm a cyclist, which is just a cooler way to say crazy bike rider and have done 2 races so far. I also play the best classical instrument AKA the cello, and like most other 5'10" girls raised by a father who coaches everything, I play basketball. 

Sarcasm is one of my favorite languages along with imagination and kindness. I hope to start a foundation supporting imagination in children one day, maybe soon. 

I'd love to work with you for business, collaborations, and simply friendships. You can contact me through email 

You can also always find me on my personal blog Come visit, I love new faces! 

-Aspen AKA The Author 


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