Top Reasons Why Your Next Roof Should Be Made of Metal

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Top Reasons Why Your Next Roof Should Be Made of Metal

Jan 17, 2022, 2:20:30 PM Life and Styles

There’re so many reasons that make metal roofs the perfect choice for homes in Florida. Metal roofs in Miami are already high in demand, owing to their attractive and sleek designs, modern fittings, and so much more. Besides, given the ever-looming threat of hurricanes, there’s nothing that compares to the strength of a metal roof.

What Makes Metal Roofs Better than All Competition

Before you find the answer to this, ask yourself, how do you choose a roof? Do you choose it for its curb appeal, strength, features, longevity, or budget? If so, how does metal roof fare against other materials that were extensively used for roofing purposes until not long ago?

Curb Appeal

The curb appeal of modern roofs is very important for buyers. If nothing more, you will want your roof to complement how your house looks from the outside. You could even want your roof to become the highlight of your house. The options you can get to do that are quite endless too! You have the option to choose your roof based on:

·      Vibrant color choices for them

·      Their aesthetically-appealing designs

·      The shapes in which you can install them

·      The neighborhood designs so that your house doesn’t look any different

Your roofing expert helping with installation should be able to provide the best options you can choose from for your home as per the above aspects.


If there is anything that matters more than how your roof looks, it’s their strength.

Hurricanes are one of the top reasons for causing billions of dollars in damages to houses around the country every year. However, homes with metal roofs are almost always spared by nature’s wrath. This is because metal roofs are tested in hurricane-like conditions, and more before they are approved for sale.

So, when you choose a metal roof, you are assured of the highest safety from hurricane-like threats for good.


Every modern roofing panel is extremely lightweight which makes it easy to install them, even over an existing shingle roof, with ease.

These metal roofs come with a protective coating on their surface which helps them deflect heat and cold away, thereby keeping the temperature beneath rather consistent.

These panels also have a strong underlayment which helps make your roof much quieter than you would imagine them to be.

Metal roofs are further resistant to fire, pest, or termite infestation, or even wear and tear throughout their life.


Depending on what roofing material you have chosen, your metal roof can last anywhere between 50 years and a hundred years. If you choose copper-based roofing panels, your roof can even go well past that. You may need to do some kind of minimal maintenance once a year or so. But that’s all you will have to do to get the best out of your roof. 


Modern metal roofs are built from different materials, like copper, zinc, aluminum, and steel. Each of these materials has its own range of pros and cons. Some are more costly but can last the longest. Others are less costly but may need to be inspected once in a while.

You can make your choice among these different materials based upon your budget and preference of features in them. Your roofing expert can also help you make this choice.

None of the other roofing materials fare as well as metal roofs on all of the above parameters. The best option among the rest are shingle roofs, which look great and can last for 15-20 years. However, they can’t survive the hurricane hits and an even longer lifecycle of metal roofs. Further, shingle-based roofs don’t decompose completely, while metal roofing panels are 100% recyclable.

Metal roofs are and will continue to be the best choice for homes in Miami. You could visit your nearest roofing company and get a free quote for the best metal roofs in Miami that fit your requirements. You can also ask them if you can customize your choice in some unique way. They should definitely be able to help you with something exciting.

Get in touch with the leading metal roof company in Miami near you today to know more.

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