How Does Planet Venus Govern Our Love Life? Let's Find Out.

How Does Planet Venus Govern Our Love Life? Let's Find Out.

Planets in astrology play a very important role in our lives. Most of us see planets as just a part of the solar system, but most people do not know how they really impact us. They represent who we are as a person. Both internally and outwardly. 

Planet Venus signifies the love aspect of your life. From relationship to expression, affection, attachments, etc., it covers it all. The best psychic in the USA says your ruling planet attracts the person from the ruling planet, compatible with your ruling planet. Thus the spark and connection originate, or different kinds of love originate. 

Sometimes people think that just the presence of planet Venus would help you flourish and have a good time, but the placement can be both malefic and benefic and affect negatively and positively. 

So, let us educate you a little about the role of planet Venus in astrology. 

Planet Venus Governs Which Aspect Of Our Lives?

According to the best psychic in USA and expert astrologers, planet Venus governs beauty, love, romance, sex, recreation, etc. It also looks after wealth, prosperity, and success on most fronts of our lives. This planet's professions are food, travel, fashion, films, and other creative works. Planet Venus also governs married life and its pleasures. If, by chance, the same is not placed in the positive place in your birth chart, then it can reverse things and spoil marriages, relationships, happiness, and add stress to life. It can also be because of the equation with other planets. 

Lucky Day For People With Venus As The Ruling Planet

Friday is the day ruled by planet Venus and proves lucky. According to the best psychic in the USA via the Astroyogi app, you can know all about the favorable and unfavorable times in your life and take action accordingly. 

Planet Venus Rules Which Sign?

Planet Venus rules Taurus and Libra signs. Just like other signs, they also extract qualities and traits from the planet and then pass on to people who belong to this sign. On the other hand, it is malefic towards the Pisces and Virgo sign.

Friendly & Enemy Planets With Venus

Some planets have good compatibility, while some do not. Planet Saturn, Mercury, Saturn, and Rahu are friendly with Venus, while Sun and Moon are not. 

Planet Venus Belongs To Which Element?

The psychic in USA states that planet Venus belongs to the air element and possesses similar qualities. 

Planet Venus Is Good And Bad For Which House?

Planet Venus rules the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and the 7th house in the Kundli and lays a positive impact on them, and on the other hand, it negatively affects houses like 1st, 6th, and 9th. The numerology number for planet Venus is 6. 

Which Dosha Represents Planets, Venus?

Shukra Dosha represents the planet Venus. It includes causes, effects, and remedies regarding one's love life, luxury, etc. 

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