I Was Able To Resolve My Love Issues With Help Of Astrology! Read How.

I Was Able To Resolve My Love Issues With Help Of Astrology! Read How.

Being in love is one of the most beautiful feelings. Despite going through multiple relationships, which turned out to be a waste, I still didn't lose hope in trying again. I am a very positive person, even with all the pain I went through in previous relationships. They say that your saturation time comes at one point in time, and soon mine was about to approach. 

Happily, I got struck by the love cupid again, but this time it was different. I was used to reading my horoscope on the Astroyogi app. Somehow I could relate to it. Things did turn out to be according to the prediction a few times, which made me believe in astrology or more. 

The best part about these astrologers or astrology websites is that they guide you, suggest you things and remedies, but they would not harm you in any way. So whether you take the help of astrology or not, it will not affect you negatively.

So, one day I downloaded a dating app and started talking to one or two guys. Out of a few, I ended up talking to two of them the most. Both were unique in their own way. After talking for a few weeks, I met one of them, Manav. He was quite outgoing, and we ended up being so comfortable together in the first meeting.

Slowly we started to meet every weekend, and I fell more and more for him. His carefree nature made me fall in love with him, but little did I know that it was heading towards something else. After a few meetings on the weekends and sleepovers, he started to call other female friends to hang out with us. At first, I didn't find it odd but later, when the list didn't end, and we never got time alone, I started to worry. 

I tried talking to him, and he just dismissed the conversation. Post that, I observed a few changes in him. He started keeping his distance and skipped meeting me on the weekends. On the one hand, I was knitting hopes to marry him; he was increasing the distance between us and dismissed the idea of marriage.

I was focused on looking for someone to marry, so my practical side asked me to take a step back and rethink. Once, he was out for a short trip with family; I decided to talk to the best astrologer in Brisbane. He told me that you have yet to get clarity, so do not conclude, and told me a few things regarding my relationship with Manav. 

During this time, I started talking more to another guy called Lavish. Even turned out to be great but much more serious than Manav. From small conversations, it led to long chats over midnight. Then we finally decided to meet. Trust me; this meeting turned out to be super amazing. 

We started spending more time together. Even though I was quite happy spending time with Lavish, I still missed Manav at times. Slowly, I began to spend more time with Lavish, and Manav realized I was slipping away from his life. 

In this confusion to find the right one, I needed guidance from expert astrologer in Brisbane. But I should give my feelings and them a little more time. 

A few days later, Manav called me and said he wanted my family to meet his family regarding marriage. I was taken aback, thinking, how is it possible? Suddenly what happened? 

While I was coping with this, Lavish proposed to me. Now I was confused between the two. I didn't know what to do. This was when I decided to speak to the best astrologer in Brisbane. He looked at my birth chart and told me that according to the planetary position, I would have to take a serious decision regarding my love life, which will lead me to a happy marriage. He matched my Kundli with both the boys and told me which union is better and will lead to a happy life.

I spoke to the astrologer for an hour and was finally ready to choose the right one. I called Lavish’s at home and both the families were really happy with this decision. Ultimately, I chose Lavish over Manav as he seemed more worthy as compared to Manav. 

Today, we have been married for ten years and have two children. Thank you to the astrologer who helped me foresee the right path. 

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