What Causes A Breakup According To Astrology? Here Is What We Found.


What Causes A Breakup According To Astrology? Here Is What We Found.

A breakup is something that we all find difficult to cope with. As it demands a detachment from someone in whom you have invested so much and are attached to unconditionally.

The relationship is wonderful at times, but it deteriorates or is ruined over time for various reasons. At times, the partners are well aware of what caused it, while some have no clue. This eventually breaks us down and reaches out to measures, people and acts which are quick and easy to help us overcome. But we fail to understand which option or help is right for us and often end up in shackles and worse situations or experiences.

Then we question ourselves- why did this breakup happen? What exactly caused it or caused such a thing? How can one be careful?

The answer to all these questions is Astrology. You might find it strange and new to read that astrology does have a way of finding out what causes a breakup.

If you ask an astrologer in Houston, they will give you the exact idea of how it all works and the things behind it.

Here are some reasons which cause a breakup, according to astrology.

Mangal Dosha

The astrological planets have both malefic and benefic impacts on people’s lives depending on their equation with the other planets and signs. So if planet Mars is in the malefic state in your birth chart, it will affect your love relationship immensely in a negative way. Also, if one partner has planet Mars placed in a specific place and the other does not, it might hamper your love life and lead to a breakup.

Kundli Mismatch

According to Vedic astrology and astrologers in Houston, before getting married or even when you are considering a long-term relationship, it is vital to get your Kundli matched. It helps to know about the status of the astrological planets in your birth chart. If there is any in a malefic state, you can consult expert astrologers and resolve those issues beforehand so that you do not have to suffer later.

Malefic Planets

In astrology, when a planet is in a benefic state, it shows one lot of future happiness, good times and success. But on the contrary, if the same is in the malefic state might give you the opposite result. It would affect your relationship with the partner and lead to major problems later. So when you consult a best astrologer in Houston, they would help pacify them and revert their ill-effects.

Nadi Dosha

There are three Nadi in our body, which represent one element each. If all of these are affected by a malefic planet or act negatively, it might cause a lot of trouble in a relationship. As a normal person, you will not know about these celestial or astrological impacts, so you will need to reach out to an astrologer in Houston or other parts of the world to get all the details regarding it.

Evil Spell

There are various kinds of practices that surround us. Some are negative, while some are positive. Many people opt for evil or dark practices to retain their love or relationship or even captivate them. But they do not realize that such practices can reverse it all and ruin things for them or even cost in ways you cannot imagine. So, make sure you avoid such practices. Instead, take help from astrologers who are reliable and would only help positively.

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