10 Fun Facts about October Month You Didn’t Know

10 Fun Facts about October Month You Didn’t Know

October is the tenth month of the Gregorian Calendar. It is the month of change and the two powerful October zodiac signs. This month, you may feel newness around and if you are living in a northern hemisphere you may feel long night durations and coolness in the weather. Not just this, there is a lot more in the kitty of October month. Want to know what is store in the October word or its history?

Explore the post and find 10 interesting facts about October that you didn’t know. So, read the facts and add more knowledge about October month. 

10 Most Interesting Facts About the Month of October

Here are some amazing facts about October month. Read and explore. 

1. The Meaning of October 

The name October was derived from the Latin word, “Octo” which means eight. Wait! Is October, the tenth month of the year? Why it was named over a word that meant eight? The reason is the Roman calendar. The original Roman calendar had only 10 months and October was actually the eight-month of this calendar. Thus, the word Octo was labeled to it and had no modification even when it was included in the modern Gregorian Calendar. 

2. October is the Month of Seasonal Changes

October seems to be the time when the season changes in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. People who live in the Northern Hemisphere start experiencing autumn while the people in the Southern hemisphere enjoy the breeze of spring. 

3. An Important Month for the US

October has significant importance in the US calendar. It is the month when Fire Prevention Week is commemorated. Every year, US Government observes this week in October to teach the citizens the basics of fire safety and prevention tips during any fire events. As per records, On 8 October- 10 October, the tragedy of the Chicago fire, also called the Great Chicago Fire happened in 1871. This was a huge fire accident that killed approximately 300 people. Although the true cause of the fire was never determined, it is believed that the blaze started when the cow of a family knocked over a lighted lantern. 

4. October is the Favourite Month for Hawai Natives

People of Hawai love October and wait for this month the whole year. This is the time when the locals gather and celebrate an exciting festival known as “Aloha.” In this festival, colorful processions and parties are conducted. People from all over the world come to Hawai to celebrate Mardi Grasesque or Fat Tuesday ( a carnival that leads up to the beginning of Lent). 

5. Different Names of October

Anglo-Saxons named the month-Winterfylleth. This name is formed by two words- winter and full moon respectively. The reason being that winter was believed to begin from the first full moon of October month. Another name that was assigned to October was Wyn Monath. This name was given by the Saxons. The meaning of the word Wyn Monath in English is “wine month”. This name was given to October because this was the time when most of the wines were made by Saxons. 

6. Time to Ring Bells

October witness a unique tradition of ringing bells every year in the UK. On October 7, there is a tradition when bells are rung in the Twyford Church in Hampshire. This tradition dates back to the 18th Century when William David, a local resident got lost in fog while on his way home. By luck, he heard the bells of the church ringing and he managed to discover the right way to his home. Since as a gesture of thanksgiving, William left some money to the Church at the time of his death, this tradition to ring bells on October 7 has begun. It is done with the purpose to help the lost travelers to find their way home. Sweet, isn’t it?

7. People Born in October Live Longer!

Yes, you have heard it right! If you are born in October then there are chances that you will live longer than people born in the other months of the year. According to a study by The University of Chicago, people born in October month have a high probability of survival to the age of 100. They live longer as compared to people born in the month of April. Also, researchers have stated that October babies have lower risks for suicides and cardiac issues. So, couples, now you know which month is good to have a baby with a long and healthy life, aren’t you?

8. Black History Month!

October is called Black history month. Also known as African-American History Month, this important event marks the celebration of the African diaspora. It pays tribute to the generations of Africans and Americans who struggled with hardships to attain the full citizenship of American society. This month is mainly observed in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and the Netherlands. The origin of the event dates back to 1915 and is associated with the Father of Black History, Cater G. Woodson. 

9. One Birthstone for October Month

There is only one birthstone for October month which is Opal. This beautiful stone is considered priceless and is known to be valued by the Ancient Romans. It comes in a myriad of colors and is represented as the symbol of faithfulness, purity, and hope. You can wear this birthstone for attaining luck, prosperity, and good fortune. However, consulting an expert astrologer before wearing your birthstone is recommended. 

10. October and January have the Same Beginning!

Yes, both the month of October and January starts with the same day of the week. If the month of January starts with a Monday, then be sure that the month of October that year will also start by a Monday. Interesting isn’t it? However, there is an exception. This rule doesn’t apply during the leap year. 

Did you know these facts? If you didn’t know it or already knew some of them, then don’t stop sharing it with your friends and family. Remember sharing knowledge is the way to gain something new. So, read more and share more!

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