Welcome to African Eye Meets The World

Welcome to African Eye Meets The World

Welcome to my world, my dream of constantly moving around the world, an escape from the material things and lavish lives that we are filled to the brim up by mainstream media outlets. To the times of anticipation waiting at the airport for them to call your boarding gate , to the times spent looking for a good movie to watch for 8 hours, to the times waking up to a new location.

Molweni and welcome to African Eye Meets The World. This is my way of showing you ways to make your travels easier but most importantly, show how travel through my eyes and the eyes of other African students have changed their outlook on life. We have been fed to think that travel is for the rich and wealthy but I believe that this is not necessarily the case. 

How can you say that you may think.

Here is the best answer I can give you, travel is for anyone who really wants it. Travel is an amazing thing and as young as we are we should not be looking to travel on first class or business but enjoying economy and waking up in an new country. Travel to me changes many things that student and young adults want out of life. Adventure, experience and life long lasting memories. As such African Eye Meets The World was born.

I travel to show life changing experiences and want to live with the community, absorb myself in the cultures that make up the world. The only way I feel we can completely be ourselves is when we have put ourselves somewhere where we can change our identity and construct a new one, we can be the most adventurous people when we travel and that's what its all about isn't it? We can leave the luxury travel for when we are old. 

Here's to future travel experiences 

Published by Athi Rulashe

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