Complete Guide for Selling a Used Car Online

Complete Guide for Selling a Used Car Online

Mar 9, 2021, 8:34:28 AM Business

Car seller who ventures into the car market without conducting adequate research ends up facing complications while selling their vehicle. They may have unpleasant encounters with potential buyers, and some may sell their vehicle at a price that is lower than the market value of the car. Selling a used car does not have to be a difficult process but challenges can arise for those who are unaware of ways through which platform they can make maximum profit and have a pleasant car selling experience. 

Following is a complete guide of how a car seller can sell their used vehicle online and avoid incurring a financial loss. 

Calculating the Estimated Resale Value of the Car 

The first thing the car sellers need the knowledge about is the resale value of their vehicle before they set up a meeting with a potential buyer. This will give the car seller an edge during the price negotiations and they can make a well-informed decision. For selling a car online, two platforms are used that are classified websites and specialist car buying platforms.  

The classified websites allow car sellers to place ads of their vehicles with all the relevant information that they can provide. The car buyers can access these advertisements and contact the seller if they are interested in a particular vehicle. The prices mentioned are determined by the car seller themselves as the platform does not extend support or have any pricing regulations in place. Some sellers may decide to compare the prices of vehicles that have similar models and specifications for pricing their vehicles. After comparing, they may keep a price that is slightly higher than the most expensive vehicle in that segment. This may be a convenient method, but it is not an accurate estimation of the market value of the vehicle. Moreover, every vehicle is different in terms of condition and performance so the price cannot be generalized without getting the opinion of a professional. It is not a recommended method of estimating the resale value of the vehicle. 

A specialist car buying platform, on the other hand, offers the car seller a convenient and comprehensive method for price evaluation. The first stage allows the car sellers to get an estimate while staying at home. This involves the car seller entering relevant information on the car valuation tool that is available on the website of the specialist car buying companies. The tool quickly processes the information and provide an estimate. The car seller can choose to continue the process with the company and book an appointment for a physical examination. The final price is quoted after this stage. 

Choosing a Specialist Car Buying Company Over Classified Websites 

Classified websites give the car seller great exposure; however, it is not the most reliable way to sell the vehicle. Selling a car using a classified website entails risk, as the platform does not verify the authenticity of the car buyer. The car seller needs to conduct a background check and make sure that that they will not be scammed. It is also advisable to use safe payment methods to ensure timely payment. It also consumes a lot of time for the car seller as they handle all the aspects of the process themselves including showing the car, negotiating, vetting buyers, managing payment modes, and paperwork. This translates into a lot of hassle and stress for car sellers, especially those who are relatively new to the process. Moreover, the car seller needs to wait after placing the ad for an interested party to approach them.  

Selling a vehicle through a specialist car buying company is more convenient for inexperienced car sellers, as the process is comprehensive yet simple. The car seller can get the estimate online and proceed with the physical inspection. The final price is provided right after the inspection and it is the actual market price of the vehicle. The process is undertaken quickly to save the time of the car seller, and every car that is brought in is guaranteed purchase by the company. The car sellers also do not have to worry about the post-sale paperwork as the company offers this service as well. They can receive their payment safely through electronic bank transfer removing the chances of fraud.  

Overall, car sellers can benefit more from selling their used vehicle through the specialist car buying companies as they consume less time, energy, and assure a fair price without any risk. 


Selling a used car requires a thorough examination of the entire process and making sure that the best platform is used for the purpose. The above-mentioned information is the most crucial aspect of the process that every car seller must know. 

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