Defensive Driving Tips that Every Motorist Should Adopt

Defensive Driving Tips

Defensive Driving Tips that Every Motorist Should Adopt

Mar 9, 2021, 7:52:44 AM Business

Driving a car on the road is a massive responsibility that must be fulfilled by every motorist by being careful. Defensive driving reduces the chances of accidents and crashes on the road. If the drivers are aggressive, they drive carelessly, over speeding, making wrong turns, risking their own lives along with others. Therefore, to avoid any inconvenience, the driver must always adopt defensive driving.  

Drivers, especially those who are new to driving must adopt the following defensive driving tips to ensure that they are safe and enjoy a pleasant ride.


Follow All Traffic Regulations 

Rules are in place to make sure that no one endures any damage when they are driving on the road and the flow of the traffic is maintained. If the car drivers are not respectful of the driving regulations, they may end up causing inconvenience for themselves and others. Rules breakers are also penalized with heavy fines adding unnecessary financial burden on them. Some common rules that motorists break include running a red light, not wearing a seat belt, driving in the wrong lane, incorrect over-taking, tailgating, not using turn signals, and parking on main roads.  

If motorists want to avoid any unpleasant encounter during their journey, they must always follow the traffic regulations. 

Tailgating on the Road  

A common rule of driving is to maintain a decent distance between vehicles to avoid collisions. If the vehicle in front stops unexpectedly, the car behind must have enough room to stop in time instead of crashing. Many drivers are careless, and they end up with a rear-end collision that chokes the traffic flow and causes damage to both cars. Rear-end collision can also cause injuries if the speed of the vehicle is high. During traffic jams, some motorists are extremely careless about minding the gap and this can result in arguments, delays, and inconvenience for the entire traffic on the road. 

Regular Maintenance of the Vehicle  

Driving the vehicle does not only require consideration in driving style and following rules, but it also requires the motorist to pay attention to their vehicle. Mere negligence of vehicles can cost the car drivers their life or a long repair bill. If the vehicle is not regularly maintained, the motorist may remain unaware of the damages that exist in the vehicle. The problem can escalate and cause major damage to the vehicle which could have been avoided. Lack of regular maintenance also causes unexpected problems during the commute.  

If there is some problem in the mechanics of the vehicle including the engine, radiator, battery, engine coolants, and other fluids, it can impact the performance of the vehicle. This may be problematic for long haul journeys or highways. Engine or battery failure can bring the vehicle to a halt unexpectedly and this can result in delays. 

 If there are some physical damages like worn out tyres, the motorist can end up losing control of the vehicle because of a tyre burst that may occur due to overheating during extreme heat. A fused headlight can cause visibility issues at night or during dense fog or at night during rain. Damage wiper blades may not be capable of keeping the windshield clear during intense rain or snowfall. It is advisable car owners maintain their vehicles regularly to avoid any problems.  

Always Stay Alert While Driving the Car 

The drivers must stay alert and pay full attention to the road ahead to avoid accidents as well. Some common mistakes of drivers that shift their focus include eating, drinking, indulging in arguments, talking on the phone, or other occupants in the car. It is also necessary that motorists are aware of their surroundings as they are not the only ones on the road. If the motorists are not attentive, they may end up missing a turn, not noticing a hurdle ahead, and crashing into another vehicle or obstacle on the road

If the motorist is sleepy or lethargic then they must pull over to the side of the road instead of continuing driving as they may doze off ending up crashing the vehicle that can prove to be fatal. It is also better to sit upright, and with hands on the steering wheel. Moreover, it is always recommended to drive at a moderate speed to ensure that an unexpected situation can be managed. 


Driving safety is the first thing that every driver must learn and adapt for their own sake. Whether the driver is new or seasoned, unexpected hurdles and mere negligence can result in the vehicle getting out of control and the motorist unable to avoid the inevitable. If motorists are careful and responsible by following traffic laws, they can stay safe. The above-mentioned tips can prove to be useful for driving who want to adopt defensive driving. 

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