As a blogger, your style often grows as your brand progresses, yet your work is almost always recognised and represented by your face. So why on earth do I choose not to show mine?

For some, posting under an anonymous guise is thrilling and they see it as a part of their work, an artistic expression (like banksy almost) whereas others may feel that being ‘unknown’ restricts their creative bounds; but for me, it’s much more than just a security blanket or a signature identity. 

As the sole owner of my work, I have the power to manipulate the traffic of judgement on my blog. Before you draw your conclusion, no - I am not scared, as I would never fear something so naturally human as judgement. 

However the idea behind my online personality or remaining 'visually unknown' is, that if we must all judge and be judged, then I wish to be judged, as a writer – on my ability to invoke a readers reaction. Be it anger, fury, love, disagreement or simply confusion – and not on how even the wings of my liner are, or the colour of my iris and the level of crooked in a 2D print of my nose.

My physical features show little sign of my mind and my thoughts, but my words do. The written word holds my imagination, my values and my inner uncensored human. In a world full of bars and barriers, I have everything to offer.

Which is why for now, I choose to remain;


Published by auburnrhyme (Rimsha R)


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