10 Most Addictive Puzzle Games to Try

10 Most Addictive Puzzle Games to Try

Puzzle games were invented for kids at first, but because of the uniqueness of the puzzle games, many adults also like playing them. Playing puzzle games improves your problem-solving and mental skills. Solving a puzzle would urge you to get to the end result, and you will discover that there are stages to follow to solve an issue. It won't take long before the puzzle solver gets used to approaching problems creatively in their real-life as well.

Why Is It Important to Play Puzzles:


We all need to be able to solve problems as they arise. If you have these abilities, you can recognize an issue and come up with a workable solution. You can enhance your problem-solving abilities by solving puzzles to train your brain. When trying to figure out a problem, you're compelled to seek for flaws and come up with numerous different answers.

You may learn new words and enhance your language and spelling abilities by doing puzzles. Solving puzzles can also help you pick up new vocabulary. Learning something new is never too late in life. There are a lot of puzzle games that you can play to boost your IQ level.

Let us discuss the best ten puzzle games to play:


1. Bomb Club


Do you enjoy well-written stories with vivid characters and riddles that test your skills? If this sounds like you, then Bomb Club is the game designed just for you. Featuring a delightful ensemble of bomb enthusiasts who care about safety, Bomb Club challenges you to solve puzzles based on the science of detonating explosives. 


Each level's objective is to detonate every bomb on the stage, but you'll get extra points if you also manage to discharge optional fireworks. The game's usage of many explosives creates a great deal of complexity. Even though it appears simple at first glance, if you want to complete the level and earn the highest possible score, you'll need to utilize a variety of explosives, including lasers, giant bombs, baby bombs, and many more.


The mystery at the heart of this narrative will keep you on your toes as you work your way through Bomb Club's funny banter and eccentric characters. Best of all, Bomb Club is ad- and in-advertisement-free with just optional in-app payments for post-game DLC. If you haven't picked up Bomb Club yet, you should.


2. Bridge Constructor Portal


As the name implies, it's an amalgamation of Bridge Constructor and Portal. Bridge Constructor mechanics predominate this game. It would be best if you used a variety of strategies and pieces to construct a bridge that connects the two ends of the level.


With the use of Portal mechanics, each group becomes both more enjoyable and tougher. You'll find allusions to Portal (including voice acting) as well as Google Play Games achievements throughout the game's 60 levels (test chambers). 


There are no in-app purchases or advertisements in Bridge Constructor Portal, which costs $4.99. It's a fantastic game of logic. Google Enjoy Pass subscribers don't have to pay anything to play this game.


If you'd rather play a zombie game, Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead was just released by the same developer, Headup. If you have Google Play Pass, you may play this game for free.


3. Monster Go:


Beautiful things and games do not necessarily have to be expensive. Monster GO is the game present on a website named Unlimited Gamez Mo. This game is also free to download and play online.


This may be both a blessing and a burden for the developer, depending on your perspective. The in-app purchases feature comes into play in this scenario. To go on faster in the game, you may pay real money for virtual coins.


Don't worry if you're a paid player. Getting through this game is as simple as collecting coins and then using them at the shop.


There is an RPG element to Monster Go!, making it a fun endless runner to play. The game runs well and is very reliable.


To summarize, if you're a fan of Endless Runners, you should also download Monster Go!


4. Faraway 3: Arctic Escape

Another puzzle game is Faraway 3: Arctic Escape. It has riddles comparable to those seen in games like The Witness for consoles. The boards you have need to be solved one at a time. There are 18 levels in the game, each having a unique set of puzzles and a plot to follow. There are three games in the series, and they are all quite good.


The three of them should be able to keep audiences entertained for some time. The third one offers nine free levels before charging $3.99 for the rest. The earlier games in the series were likewise reasonably priced.


5. Gorogoa:


Gorogoa is a fantastic game of logic and deduction. You're shown a few illustrative panels during the game. The panels are arranged in a storyboard by the players. Organize the game's tens of thousands of graphics, all of which contribute to the overall plot.


Instead of requiring the player to read a lot of text, it mainly focuses on the artwork to tell the tale. It's a unique way to tell a story, and the puzzles aren't too tricky. A fantastic game of puzzle-solving skills is required for success in this one.


6. Monument Valley 1 and 2


Two of the most well-known puzzle games on mobile are Monument Valley 1 and 2. The puzzle mechanisms are based on those of MC Escher. To advance, you must twist and turn your way through the level. The games don't have a high learning curve. 


They claim to offer a more soothing experience than one that is more difficult to master. However, the graphics for the Monument Valley games are just stunning.


The style of painting is certainly something to be commended. Only a few levels are included with Forgotten Shores DLC, which costs $1.99. A little more time passes in the second game. You can't go wrong with them.


7. Part-Time UFO:


The makers of Kirby's have created a silly puzzle game called Part Time UFO. A cute pink puffball who consumes things. You're in a UFO, completing odd chores for the town's residents while on the go. Every task is a problem in and of itself. 


There are many colorful characters in the game, as well as many stages and riddles to solve. In addition, Google Play Games' accomplishments are supported.


 For $3.99, you may play the game without having to worry about any in-app purchases or advertising. We don't think it's the most visually stunning game, but we enjoy it all the same.


8. Professor Layton series


From the Nintendo DS, there is the Professor Layton series of puzzle games. Some of these titles have been ported to Android by the game's creators, Level-5. On Google Play, you'll find three Layton games: Curious Village, Diabolical Box, and Mystery Journey. 


Professor Layton needs your help to solve puzzles and solve cases in this series, so you're sent on an expedition. The games' funny dialogue and absurd events contribute to the game's eerie mood. As a result of their high price, you must test them out thoroughly within the return period.


9. ROOMS: The Toymaker's Mansion


Rooms: The Toymaker's Mansion is a relatively new puzzle game. At its core, it's a straightforward logic puzzle game. Each room of a mansion moves like a jigsaw piece as you pass through it. To continue the quest, you must put the jigsaw pieces back together. There are a total of 144 stages spread out among four houses in the game.


 Transport bombs and the capacity to go across every room at once are among the many unique powers that the players may unlock.


To keep things interesting, there are 96 narrative levels and 48 exceptional ability levels. Despite the $4.99 price tag, no in-app purchases or advertising distract from the game's rich content.


Final Note

On the concluding note, it can be seen that there are a lot of good puzzle games that can boost one's IQ levels. Kids, as well as adults, can play these games if they want to sharpen their minds.

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