Key Tools in Your Cyber Security Portfolio

Key Tools in Your Cyber Security Portfolio

Sep 23, 2021, 9:45:14 AM Business

Minimizing cybersecurity threats while your organization accesses the web is critical today. Next to email, the web is one of the greatest vectors for cyberattacks like malware and ransomware. Web security continues to be more challenging as how we utilize the web are constantly changing and hackers are finding new ways to deploy attacks. Hackers have frequently used email and web channels together, making security tools in both categories critical. Aurora is a cybersecurity consulting firm that can work with you to evaluate which web security solution fits best within your cybersecurity portfolio to meet your cybersecurity goals.

Web Security Solutions 

One web security solution that we typically recommend is a web gateway. This web security solution provides an organization with more secure internet access, helping to reduce risk. Web gateways are used as a barrier, keeping unauthorized traffic from entering your organization. It will stand between incoming and outgoing traffic, only securing a connection with secure websites. This is an important way to prevent users from accidentally accessing malicious websites that appear to be legitimate. In many cases, malicious websites are designed to look so professional that users may give away confidential information such as credit card numbers and social security numbers using the website. In some cases, just connecting to the site can allow them to access personal information. Web security solutions can block this data from being accessed by the website. A web gateway can use filters to block known malicious websites and any website that goes against an organization’s internet use policy. These measures effectively reduce the chance of malware from affecting your organization through web use. 

Effective data loss prevention (DLP) tools are also effective in protecting data while accessing the web. DLP protects data in motion, data at rest, and data in use from being leaked. This can include but is not limited to data that is stored on the web or sent via email. DLP is a key component to a cybersecurity portfolio.

Web isolation, also known as browser isolation, is a web security solution that contains web activity in an isolated environment. This protects the rest of the computer from being infected by malware or other threats from the web. It would keep the malware isolated in the web browser, keeping the end user’s device safe. 

Email Security 

As web security and email security often go hand in hand, email security tools are also an essential component of a cybersecurity portfolio. An email gateway, similar to a web gateway, will help prevent malicious emails from infecting users with malware while accessing their email. By monitoring emails that are sent and received, the email gateway minimizes threats that could arrive via email. Regular phishing training and other security training can also minimize the risk of email. Employees are often seen as the weakest link for cybersecurity. When employees are aware of the signs of a phishing email, they are less likely to open them and click on links, stopping an attack from occurring.

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