Impressions of the VP debate

Impressions of the VP debate

Oct 5, 2016, 11:45:14 PM News

I managed to watch the final segment of the Vice Presidential debate between Indiana governor Mike Pence and Senator Tim Kaine on an online stream.

So while I couldn't make a thorough analysis on all issues discussed during the debate, it seems all I have are brief impressions of the event. However, this probably places me in the realms of an ordinary observer and hypothetical average voter, as few are likely to cast their votes based on an in- depth examination of the Vice Presidential debate.

Based on my own viewing, if this debate is to be worth anything, it will serve as a victory for team Trump. Mike Pence handled himself extremely well through emphasizing areas of importance for the Trump campaign while responding to questions in a calm and robust manner. Governor Pence was also able masterfully balance the line between defending his unpredictable boss's string of controversies whilst outlining his own personal views.

It was a sound, Reaganesque performance from governor Pence, who was able to present himself as the staunch, guiding hand behind Donald Trump, something that would surely comfort voters concerned about the Presidential hopeful's temperamental issues.

Alternatively, Tim Kaine was dry, cliched and dull. His contrived outrage attacks on Trump grew so predictable that at one stage governor Pence humiliated the aspiring Vice President, quipping him to 'stop with that Mexican thing'. 

This act humiliated Kaine and exposed the fallacious, trivial nature of his insults. 

It showed that just as his running mate, Kaine is the epitome of a Democratic, establishment, insider politician. 

With political beliefs flexible to popular opinion, Hilary Clinton, Tim Kaine and the rest of their political class, are exactly what people are rejecting on a truly global scale.

Whether it be the incredible successes of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, the Brexit victory of June, or the rise of One Nation in Australia, populist movements across the world are revolting against the global political establishment. 

Put simply, both America and the world has had enough of these globalist elites. So if it is to be worth anything, the Vice- Presidential debate only made this predicament clearer and will likely aid a potential Trump path to the Presidency.

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