Refugees to move into an aged care facility?

Refugees to move into an aged care facility?

Oct 4, 2016, 7:10:52 PM News

A community in Melbourne's northeast is reportedly 'divided' over plans to host Syrian refugees in an aged care facility.

And who can blame these people that are 'divided' over such plans, which would at best seek to provide accommodation and assistance to refugees at the cost of lesser care for elderly Australians?

We've all heard about the horrors of the Syrian civil war, but it is not as if Australians in nursing homes are without challenges of their own. Conditions in Australian nursing homes, are riddled with neglect, mistreatment and abuse, which often occurs to those unable to speak for themselves.

Concerns over the nature of aged care were raised in July, in response to a disturbing video's revelation which brought into question the levels of accountability among nursing homes without hidden cameras. 

We also know about Australia's ageing population, and with more elderly people in the future, more widespread neglect and mistreatment for this vulnerable group appears likely.

So the plan to admit refugees into an aged care facility in Melbourne or in other future potential cases, is a simple equation. We can either opt to prioritize our fellow Australians, that have worked hard, sacrificed, and contributed towards the great nation that modern generations have been fortunate enough to inherit.

Or we can choose to favour Syrian refugees that will not only present an inalienable culture to our own, but may pose substantial security risks

Clearly it would be a troublesome ask for any person to find a set of circumstances more worthy of the timeless Australian motto; 'before you sort out other problems, first fix your own backyard'.


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