The WORST part of life. 

Being in our twenties is really the time you get to think of all the stupid stuff you’ve said while trying to land a job. Any job.. The dream job.. The step to the dream job… The jeans job. Whatever it is the interview process sucks.

It not only sucks but it’s scary. Which makes it suck more. You know the business you’re applying for ultimately needs you, but why? 

Oh god and the questions they ask you. 

Why would I WANT to remember a time I did my job shittily and “learned” from it?

Yeah Debra give me the job as I explain how I accidentally overcharged someone a thousand dollars and burnt the office down.. 

Then the resume you have to make MY GOD you not only realize how boring you are and how boring your jobs have been, but also how much shit you did for only $9.00 an hour.. *Dialing previous manager now in demands for higher pay..* 

I can’t remember things very well as it is, especially put on the spot. It makes me feel like I should be keeping a journal and writing in it every SINGLE day so when I interview next I can whip out my journal and be SUPER in detail with things. 

Actually that was a joke but it kind of sounds like a good idea now..

Asking what my hobbies are makes me realize what an alcoholic shopaholic unproductive human being I am.. 

Yeah I cook and travel.. Walks to DQ asks for side of hot fudge. Boom! Cooks and travels…. Oh not what you were meaning. Okay then… 

I’m a fat lazy bitch Debra is that what you want to hear?!

God I’m having flashbacks of high school and my mother all too much right now…

Anyways… Interviewing is A CHORE. It’s not always (or ever) fun. It’s literally has me so stressed out I can’t even make a good joke right now… As you can tell by my attempts above. 

I deeply struggle with intervening because I’m a people pleaser and ALWAYS want people to like me. Especially struggle with phone interviews. I go off of body language A LOT I have now realized… 

I need to be able to say what you want to hear and make you as happy as possible. With interviewing I DONT KNOW how to be perfect for you! I 9/10 times don’t really even know what I’m interviewing for I just saw the job offer on indeed and submitted my application.. 

I want this job not because I’m super into IT tech support, it’s because I want make up, clothes, and shoes. Clearly! 

I need food Debra that’s why I want this job!

Ugh, the moment I NEVER have to interview again will be the BEST moment of my life. 

Which honestly is a NUMBER ONE reason I want and need to be a business owner. I’ll be the one interviewing. Which I’ve actually been a person who has to interview before and I have to say 

1.) that’s way less stressful but still is


2,) I’m REALLY good at it

Because I again like to make people happy so I want to make you as comfortable and positive as possible.

Anyways….it’s only 10:30am and I already need a drink.

Ahhh adulting..

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