Mr and Mrs India

Mr and Mrs India

Oct 20, 2021, 10:40:49 AM Life and Styles

It’s time to enhance one’s personality, set fitness goals and showcase the best of oneself as 

India’s most awaited and glamorous beauty pageant - Indie Royal Miss/Mrs INDIA , the wait to witness the Grand Finale extravaganza is over!

In its 7th season, the most sought after beauty pageant, aims to extend its whole hearted support to 

the women of today who have the potential to lead and represent the country tomorrow.  


Women have so much potential, but few opportunities to exhibit them. Though times are changing, there's still a long way to go. 

Which is why Indie Royal Miss/Mrs India dedicate this show to all the women across India and empowers them to become women warriors worldwide.

This national pageant will be an ode to the powerful women that carved a name for themselves in the history of time and 

will give the women of today an opportunity to unleash the diva in them. 

The women will be judged on the basis of their personality, intelligence, creativity, Inner Beauty and grit. 

Open for women from all walks of life, this pageant will enable people to see these women and women in general in a new light. 

Expect a night of glits and glamour, beauty and beyond, with a deep sense of purpose, accompanied by a lot of fun. What's more? 

Grooming session and photoshoot for all participants, makeup and image makeover for the finale round and an experience of a lifetime!

The contestants from all over India showcased their talents which includes all the dreamy n aspiring models. 

No bar to age, shape n height however only chance given to passion.    



Despite the pandemic,Indie Royal successfully conducted this show. 

The finale event was full of glitz and glamour. 

The Grand Finale of India's biggest beauty pageant witnessed many stars that added sparkle to the spectacular event. 

These celebrities list included former IR Miss/Mrs India, Models, Actress Archana Shastry.

So tune-in and watch unfold the breathtaking performances

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Written by Avi Goel


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