Bible Verse Of The Week II

Bible Verse Of The Week II

Hi everyone!

This week's bible verse is not a verse but it is a word that God has put on my heart. 

"The rain is not the problem. The leaks in the house are caused by the uncovered holes in the roof."

I realize how incredibly simple this quote is but it is something that God used to speak to me in a very profound way. God works in mysterious ways and sometimes He will use things that are right in front of us to help us understand our life and spiritual walk with Him. 

When we encounter problems in our daily lives we tend to focus on what is going wrong instead of how we are reacting to what is going wrong. In life, we are going to have troubles but the troubles that we face don't have to destroy us. If we keep our focus on God and His word, we will find that it becomes easier to face the trials that we encounter. It's just like Peter walking on the water toward Jesus (Matthew 22-32). When he kept his focus on God he was able to keep steady, but the second he took his eyes off God - he began to sink. 

Life is just like that. God will call us out onto the waters. While we walk toward Him, the devil will send any and everything toward us to distract us from getting to Him. The devil will send wind, rain, waves, storms... We can choose to allow ourselves to sink under the weight of all these afflictions, or we can maintain that no matter what happens, with God's help, we will keep our eyes fixed on the Author and Finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12:2). 

It is only through Jesus that we can patch up the holes in our vision so that we can keep our eyes fixed on Him. 

So whatever you face this week, if you find yourself complaining about the rain - remember that the rain can only stop you if you let it. Keep your eyes fixed on God and your ears open to His word and you will be brought out of your trials triumphantly. 

Have a blessed week. 

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