How Do You Cure A Sex Addict?

How Do You Cure A Sex Addict?

Nov 16, 2018, 12:22:35 AM Life and Styles

Sex addiction is a psychological disorder in which people exhibit a pathological fixation with sex-related activities. Because of their obsessive thoughts and behavior, sex addicts often have problems focusing on daily activities or maintaining healthy relationships with those around them.

It’s not uncommon for sex addicts to feel depressed as a result of their acting-out. They can have recurrent thinking patterns that they have a difficult time controlling and tend to withdraw from social activities due to their urge to pursue their interest. Patients battling this disorder must understand that the only way to regain their self-esteem and dignity is by enrolling in a professional rehab program.

Sex addiction is not a psychiatric diagnosis, but it can lead to or spur from profound psychological imbalance. This condition can trigger anxiety, depression and substance abuse. It can originate from obsessive-compulsive disorders or show similar symptoms.

What Forms of Sex Addiction Are There?

There are many forms of sex addiction, but the thing all have in common is the compulsive behavior. People may be addicted to compulsive masturbation, anonymous sex or serial infidelity. Voyeurism and exhibitionism are also common types of sex addiction disorders, as well as sadomasochism.

Despite the unusual sex drive, people that struggle with sex addiction don’t find or only slightly find satisfaction in their sexual activities. On the contrary, they have a hard time dealing with feelings of guilt and low self-worth, which makes genuine relationships next to impossible.

Who Can Treat a Sex Addiction?

A trained psychologist or social worker or any sex rehab can help addicts face the implicit causes of their destructive behavior. There are several treatment options like cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy or 12-step recovery programs, but the most effective are inpatient recovery centers.

Sex rehab centers are designed to host the patient for the duration of the treatment so that they can avoid getting distracted and fall into the same behavioral patterns.

Also some of sex rehabs offers family therapy options to help restore relationships for those whose addiction has disrupted their family life. Sex rehab professionals or counselor help you get to the root cause of your addiction and create a treatment plan individually tailored to your needs. Through counselling, they provide you with the tools necessary to engage in a healthy sex life.

If you are engaging in sexual activity compulsively, try to find the courage to face your problem and seek help. Find a rehabilitation program that could help you control your urges and reclaim your self-esteem.

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