Improve by attending luxury ayahuasca retreats

Improve by attending luxury ayahuasca retreats

Nov 22, 2018, 5:59:11 AM Life and Styles

Embarking on the three-month luxury ayahuasca retreats of deep immersion is an adventure in amazement at the heart of self-knowledge. This journey brings you to the essential understanding of the inner world and the nature of existence. Through this understanding, you can obtain in-depth knowledge about the kind of thought, memory, and experience. Perceptions that allow us to understand how the creation of thinking, mind, and expertise have consciously and subconsciously shaped our personalities and what you appreciate as our existence.

The deep immersion retreat at luxury ayahuasca retreats invites us to review and deconstruct any negative beliefs you have formed about ourselves. Once it does, you can experience the profound healing and understanding that comes from the heart. This not only leads us to heal what you perceive as suffering within ourselves, but it allows us to go even further in exploring what you are. The real discovery you could never make is the unearthing of the universe itself through our own direct experience of being.

The search for truth is at the same time a challenging and rewarding journey that demands the maximum dedication of the honest seeker. It is the essential adventure of the human being. It is the claim of the right to be, to exist only; the freedom to love and be loved. It demands the ability to leave our comfort zones, the presumed security of everything you have known. This space of will, sincerity, dedication, and purity of heart is the ground on which the essence of our being can begin to flourish.

During the deep three-month immersion retreat, you begin to awaken to our inner, innate truth. This truth grows through our knowledge, healing, and reconnection. Reconnection with the whole; with the universe; With God.

Guided by the wisdom and compassion of healer and the plant spirits, you begin to transform our entire being from the inside out. Transform and harmonize our suffering, blockages, and limitations through a profoundly spiritual and energetic cleansing. Ultimately, allowing the reconnection and integration of inner truth, freedom, and accurate identification to flourish naturally.

Stages of the in-depth immersion process


Deep immersion begins with a vigorous cleansing and mental deconstruction of preexisting paradigms, beliefs, and attachments that can limit us. You review the mechanism of thought in its entirety; focusing on the relational aspects of the family, society, sexuality, the "other," etc. This includes purification of energetic parasites and restrictive thought processes that create and sustain suffering. You have given the opportunity to investigate and carry out all the habits, dogmas, tendencies, self-limiting stories and thought patterns that impose on us to live fully in harmony and peace.


At this stage, you begin to cleanse and balance the chakras and energy channels. This is a spiritual process that aims to open up and live in the heart. Discovering the heart as the source of wisdom itself. You awaken the ability to differentiate and discern between reason and the logic of the mind to that of inspiration, creativity, love, and intuition of the heart. You seek to reach a state of silence without pollution and a clear observation to perceive this sacred dimension of the heart.


You begin to restore and remember our natural state of existence: our true essence of being. Reconnect and reawaken the ever-present consciousness that is beyond the restless and impermanent nature of thought and emotion. You begin to realize that our healing and understanding can develop because you are an integral and essential part of the universe. By truly healing ourselves, in turn, you are improving the world.


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