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I won't bore you with a long introduction because there are so many products to get through as I've been collecting these since summer, but I hope you enjoy a walk through my beauty rubbish bin! All products are linked below :)


I occasionally like to buy the smallest size of this whenever I'm feeling like I need an extra bit of daily relaxation in my life. If you like herbally smells and your shower gel to be a little on the thicker side then this is definitely one you should try. You can use this in the bath too, however the smell doesn't last as long, and if you want bubbles you'll have to use a separate product, but as a shower gel this lathers nicely and the smell really lingers on the skin for a while afterwards.

I've gone through so many of these over the years and I love it more and more every time. For around £5 you do get a lot of product that lasts a long time because a few pumps is all you need. I like to use this in the bath sometimes too because this actually generates a lot of bubbles and lathers well. It smells amazing - it's one of the original Soap & Glory scents that's clean and not too overpowering.
This smells incredible - seriously, every time I smell anything from this range I'm overwhelmed at how amazing it all is, but I wish they'd bring this out in a perfume because I'd wear it everyday. It's very woody and smoky, and it really stays on the skin. I really loved using it as a scrub; it's gritty enough to actually exfoliate the skin, but because the product is quite thick and feels quite moisturising it's difficult to make this abrasive in any way. I do like the packaging but it is extremely bulky - it could definitely be a lot less hefty.
This shower gel smells amazing if you like fresh scents with a little added kick. The eucalyptus is great in the colder weather, and the citrus really wakes you up. The only thing with these shower gels is that they don't last for very long, but they're extremely affordable and always on offer so you can always buy a back up!
I adore the Ultimate Blends range for hair and body, and I always pick these up when they're on offer. My two main favourites from the body range are the Delicate Oats version (which I adore for my hair), and the Mythic Olive range. This smells amazing, and the formula is so perfect. It's thicker than a normal lotion, but not as thick as a body butter, and absorbs into the skin so easily. I always find my skin plays up if I don't use this because nothing hydrates it for as long as these lotions do - if you haven't tried them yet then I'd recommend giving them a go!
I got given this in a set, and I have to say that it did smell nice if you like sour berry scents, although it was quite over-powering at times. However, I have to say that I really didn't like this product at all. To call it a body butter is so misleading; it's quite a liquidy lotion that takes forever to work into the skin and doesn't hydrate very much at all. I didn't get on with it and ended up giving it away.
I love dry body oils, and this one is definitely one of my all time favourites. If you're ever in Tesco and get a chance to smell this give it a try - it's sweet in the way that the scent of almonds can be, and hydrates the skin so perfectly. It absorbs into the skin really quickly and leaves your body smelling amazing. Plus it's only £3.33, and because you only need a few sprays each time you use it, it lasts for a really long time!
This is another spray I adore, but this one is slightly more oily. You need to massage it in a bit more, but it definitely leaves your skin feeling hydrated for longer. It also smells so nice - it's got a more traditional spa-like scent. At the end of the day it depends on your preference, but I'd really recommend trying this if you have drier skin.
I really love the formula of the Stila Smudge Sticks, and when I got this one in a set I was ecstatic. Purple Tang is a gorgeous deep, dark plum shade with glitter flecks all the way through. I used this to death - mainly in the waterline, but because the formula has to be slightly drier than a normal eyeliner it didn't last for that long and became increasingly harder to use. I wouldn't purchase something like this again just because I think an eye shadow would make it far easier to apply on the upper lash line, but if you're looking for something similar in this format definitely give it a go!
Everyone knows about this concealer so I won't talk about it for too long, but again I've gone through so many of these over the years. It's not even my favourite concealer to use, but there's something reassuring about it - you know what you're getting. I use the shade '04 Dark' which still bothers me because by now you'd hope their shade selection would be more realistic! However this is creamy, easy to blend and lasts a good couple of hours, so it's worth considering if you haven't tried it yet. And it's under a fiver! 
This has to be one of my favourite primers in the world. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with a lot of Revlon products, but they got it spot on with this primer. I use this either on long days, events/occasions or nights out because it really does keep my make-up locked in place for a long time. It doesn't feel like silicone or tacky, making it inoffensive and easy to apply. The packaging is annoying though because it's impossible to get the cap off, and because of the nature of the product it's difficult to get any more of it out once you've gotten to the bottom of the middle section.  
This is another primer I really, really like. It's more traditional in texture, but it's not an overly slippery silicone so it doesn't feel annoying on the skin. This one is nice for everyday because it locks your make-up in and makes everything look smooth and even. I've found it works best with more traditional liquid foundations, but it's a good one to have in your collection.
Face & Lips
My skin was playing up a lot and I needed something plain and simple that would just balance everything out, and I remember being in Boots and seeing this for just £1.99 and thinking even if it doesn't work it's hardly a big loss. This is actually an alright moisturiser; it does feel a bit tacky, and it's one of those ones that hydrates the skin instantly but it doesn't last all day so I did find I had to use a more hydrating primer or facial spray every couple of hours. I hate the packaging - it's a thick plastic that you can't cut into to get the remains of the product out, and it's hard to squeeze.
I always keep little samples of these lip moisturisers around because they do wonders for my lips. It's a gel like consistency that sinks into the lips and hydrates them almost from the inside out for hours. If you see any of these attached to magazines I'd recommend trying them out, or you can pick up a full size one for £10.
I liked this lip balm for the majority of the time I was using it. It's not the most moisturising, but it smells so good and it's a nice one to just have to hand if you need it, but I doubt I'll be purchasing it again.
I used a bottle of this up ages ago and, to be honest, I didn't love it. It was really harsh for my skin, and it took a long time to sort out in the aftermath. Anyway I ended up with another sample and gave it away to a friend who swears by it, and just thought I'd feature it here briefly!
Hair & Other
This is the only hand gel I buy because it doesn't dry my hands out after I use it. It's such a faff to use hand gel and then apply hand cream - especially in winter when you have to remove your gloves in between! This is great at protecting your hands as well as keeping them soft!
I'm sure I mentioned this before somewhere on the internet, but this is basically a conditioning cream that you apply to your hair when it's wet to keep it silky soft and easy to style. I hated this; I found it just made my hair sticky and didn't do anything to nourish it. I have thick, curly mixed race hair, and it just didn't get on with it at all. I did use this more as a hair mask to use it up, but I wouldn't recommend this over the actual Elvive hair mask from this range, which is actually really nice.
A bit of a throwback with this one, but I had less than a quarter of this left in the bottle and made myself finally use it up!
Hand creams are an essential for me, and this one is beautiful. It smells so nice and sinks into the skin so well so you're left with soft hands that aren't greasy. I'd really recommend trying it if you haven't already!
I don't know why I use heat protectant creams at all - I much prefer sprays! But I think I got this when VO5 products were on offer and aside from the hair spray I didn't know what else to get. This is a good heat protectant, and to be fair it doesn't smell that bad, but creams always need extra time to be applied evenly and it's just not a formula for me.
Told you it would be a long one didn't I? What are your thoughts on some of these products? What's in your beauty rubbish bin?

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