Massively Delayed Inktober Round-Up!

Massively Delayed Inktober Round-Up!

Nov 26, 2016, 2:19:10 AM Entertainment

Again, I am sorry for the massive delay in posting this round-up; the end of October/beginning of November was just too chaotic for me. But better late than never, and this is an extra long post featuring the rest of my Inktober drawings from Day 10 to Day 31, so sit back, relax and enjoy!

Day 10: The Sack Man

In Latin legends, the Sack Man is often portrayed as an ugly old man who carries mean and naughty children away. In the Spanish version he eats them, and in the Brazillian version he is a vagrant, so I drew a bit of a variation of them all.

Day 11: A Brownie

A legendary creature originating from Scotland, a Brownie is a kind of hobgoblin that inhabits various houses and helps out with chores in exchange for small gifts of honey and porridge. They are said to have short curly brown hair, and wearing a brown mantle and hood. They don't like to be seen, and often live in the attic or the walls.

Day 12: Ol' Hige

In Jamaican folklore, Ol' Hige is a witch who sheds her skin and becomes an owl in the night, harming people by sucking out their breath as they sleep. She is especially dangerous to babies. Many believed that if you could find her skin you could weaken her by applying salt and pepper to it, making her easier to kill.

Day 13: Mongolian Death Worm

To this day, this creature is alleged by many to reside in the Gobi desert. Some claim it spews forth an acid which turns things yellow and kills humans, whereas others say it uses electrical discharge to kill at distance.

Day 14: A Huldra

A Scandinavian forest spirit known for their seductive, yet deceptively manipulative, natures. Definitely one of my favourites 😊

Day 15: A Soucouyant

From Eastern Caribbean folklore, Soucouyant's are evil witches who shed their skin and travel as fireballs, sucking the blood out of their victims at night.

Day 16: Nachzeher

Old German myths told of these creatures who come alive after death. As humans they committed suicide, and consequently they turned into demons destined to haunt the living and eat dead bodies. They can only be killed if a coin is placed on their tongues and their heads are chopped off...😖

Day 17: A Raven Mocker

In Cherokee legends, Raven Mockers are evil beings who appear as old men and women that rob the sick, old and dying of their lives. They hunt with a Ravens cry (the sound of death) and a strong wind. They sit on their victims heads and consume their hearts without leaving a mark.

Day 18: Rong (Vietnamese Dragon)

Legend has it that Vietnamese people descend from a dragon and a fairy ☺️ Rong is seen as a representation of the Emperor, power and prosperity of the nation.

Day 19: Qualupalik

A creature from Inuit mythology, Qalupaliks are human-like sea creatures with long hair, long fingernails and green skin. They wear a pouch (amautut) to carry away disobedient children.

Day 20: Hippocampus

There are a number of variations of this creature, but I chose to go with the Etruscan basis with the upper body of a horse and the lower body of a fish. Hippocampi appear in the first Oriental phase of Etruscan mythology.

Day 21: Ojancanu

A cyclops from Cantabrian mythology, this guy has red hair and an extremely long beard. He is supposed to be ugly and the embodiment of evil, cruelty and brutality - even though I've drawn him like a cartoon giant!

Day 22: A Puca

In Celtic mythology, Pucas (spellings and legends vary depending on the culture) are shape shifting spirits that either take the form of a black horse, a goat, a hare or an eagle carrying a man on its back. They are said to bring good and bad fortune.

Day 23: Nariphon Tree

In Thai Buddhist mythology, the Nariphon Tree is a tree which bears fruit in the shape of young maidens. Legend has it these maidens are attached to the tree branches.

Day 24: A Nightmarcher

In Hawaiian folklore, Nightmarchers are the spirits/ghosts of fallen warriors who come to life on the night of Kaloa from their burial sites and walk the streets.

Day 25: La Sayona

Venezuelan legends depict La Sayona as a vengeful spirit of a wronged woman who's husband slept with her mother. She appears to men who cheat on their other halves, and is known for her ruthless punishments

Day 26: Liderc

There are multiple forms of this Hungarian mythological creature, but this one can be found in bottles or the pockets of old clothes. It is a tiny "temporal devil" that can bring sudden fortune to its owner, but this in turn sells their souls to he devil.

Day 27: Scorpion Man

In Mesopotamian legends, Scorpion Men are mythical creatures with the lower bodies of scorpions and the upper bodies of men. They are deadly creatures who were created to fight bloody wars and incite terror in others.

Day 28: Chimera

A Greek mythological creature with the head and body of a lion, an additional head of a goat and a tail that turns into a snake. They are fire-breathing, monstrous creatures that are immortal and can be traced back to Homer.

Day 29: Chakora

A legendary bird from Hindu mythology that resembles a partridge. It is believed to live on the beams of the moon (Chandra).

Day 30: Ilomba

 A sea snake from Zambian folklore that takes on the identity of whoever owns it.

Day 31:

And that concludes this extremely lengthy and delayed round-up! I hope you enjoyed it - which were your favourites? Would you have captured any of them differently? Be sure to check out my instagram to see more: @puddles_of_ink

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