Meat Market, Rob Radcliffe - Review!

Meat Market, Rob Radcliffe - Review!

Dec 2, 2016, 2:19:23 PM Entertainment

This is yet another book I found for free on the Kindle Book Store, but unlike a lot of the others, my decision to download this was solely based on the glowing reviews left but almost every reviewer. I've said before that romances aren't really my thing; I don't mind elements of it if they are done well as part of a wider plot, but I've never been drawn into that being the main thing I invest in as a reader. That being said, I will be the first to admit that a few good ones do slip through the gap on occasion, and this is no exception. A lot of reviewers have referred to this as being Bridget Jones from a male perspective, or 'lad-lit' as it's more commonly known, so naturally I was intrigued, and I ended up getting one of the funniest books I've ever read. 

Left jobless, womanless, and even dogless, Greg finds himself at a crossroads in his life. Fortunately Greg's best mate Stu has come to the rescue. Now it's Stu's job to lead Greg down the path of enlightenment, where women swarm by their hundreds and will pay for Greg's company. Welcome to the Meat Market, where everything has a price, even love.
Basic Details: 
  • 338 pages
  • Published: 17th Feb 2015
  • Amazon: free to download in the ebook format here.
  • Author Bio: Rob Radcliffe was born and raised in Lancashire, England. He is a fiction author and novelist, and newly formed bloggist. He spends the majority of his days with his head in the clouds, sometimes coming back down to earth just long enough to turn those daydreams into stories by actually writing them down.
    Rob writes across several genres, 'lad' lit (which would be chick-lit's naughty younger brother), thrillers, and sci-fi. Despite his appearance in his head shot, Rob does come in colour...and usually with both ears.
    Rob's books are a mixture of coming of age testosterone, action, humour and general silliness. A great place to start would be at the beginning of each book, he feels they work better that way.
  • Author's Website
When we first meet Greg, his life has completely fallen apart. His relationship has come to an end in a pretty messy way, and he's also out of a job. As hilarious as his sense of humour is, Greg's a pretty self-deprecating guy with low self esteem and an endearingly shy nature. It's hard not to like him, and it's impossible to not relate to him. He represents everyone at some low point in their life, and from the beginning you want to see things work out for him as well as possible.
However, there are no shockers in the journey you know he has to undertake. It's a classic tale of learning to love yourself before you're able to love someone else, as well as moving on from bad relationships, and re-building yourself in the process. But leave it to Rob Radcliffe to deliver this to you in a completely random fashion. Stu, Greg's charismatic, charming and mysterious best friend, has a very interesting job as a male escort, and believes that introducing Greg to this world is a great way to change his life.
Hilarity ensues in a pretty big way, and there were so many times I had to hide my smiles on crowded train carriages. The second half of the novel does deal with some more serious themes, and we do see a lot of Greg's development come to fruition through the turn of events the story takes. I think Radcliffe keeps a good balance between humour and reality, and this makes it an incredibly easy and enjoyable read. The only thing I didn't enjoy were the excerpts from the novel Greg is writing that are dotted around every so often. I just felt they went on for too long, and I didn't care about reading them - I wanted to stay in the present with the characters and see what was happening.
I'd highly recommend this if you're looking for an easy, funny read that's a bit quirky and different.

Published by Avni Bhagwan

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