5 Popular Trends in Modern Logo Design

5 Popular Trends in Modern Logo Design

Sep 22, 2021, 10:16:44 AM Creative

Modern logo design is essentially a compilation of trendy and timeless elements, all of which blend together to form a lasting corporate brand that still feel fresh twenty years after you first created it. The modern logo design does not need to be overly complex. Simplicity is key to making an effective modern logo design. Most modern logo designs are created using only a few colors, a simple font, and sharp, clear lettering. It's also common to use only one type of shape for the text on your logo (i.e., circle, square, or rounded). This streamlined approach makes it easier to quickly identify your logo and gives customers a visual reminder of your brand's identity.

Another key element to the modern logo design is its simplicity. As previously mentioned, gradients are an integral part of this design and should not be left out. However, you don't have to use gradients in your design. Instead, you can choose to apply a single colour, like your logo, or use multiple shades and hues to create a more interesting and dynamic effect. For example, instead of using only white and black, you could create an image of a globe using red and blue, alternated randomly.

Along with gradients, another trend in modern logo design is the adoption of a "duplicate" element. Duplicates, in this context, refer to any element that looks similar to your main element (otherwise known as your brand), but is different enough that it doesn't interfere with your branding or corporate identity. For example, two circles could be used to represent your company and its values, while a polygon with three dimensions representing your product would be more modern. There are many other types of duplicates, such as a stylized O, a heart symbol, a fleur-de-lis, or an outline of your logo.

A third trend in modern logo design uses various shapes. This is especially evident in the usage of shapes such as circles, rectangles, squares, and other geometrical figures. These shapes are often chosen because they lend themselves well to different branding styles, including a logo that is circular (hence the prevalence of the "corp-navy" logo style). There are even some businesses that use complex geometric figures as part of their letterheads and envelopes (therefore, faxes and manuals).

The fourth and final trend in modern logo design falls within the category of "interest-based" trends. The main idea behind this type of trend is to make your letters more attractive and interesting to read. In most cases, this means making your letters more colorful (if your company happens to have any color available to work with). Some examples of interest-based trends in modern logo design include lettering that draws the reader's eye away from the plain black and white design and directs it toward something that is more colorful or more attention grabbing. For example, some companies have begun to place large, eye-catching icons at the top of their envelopes, or on their letterhead and manuals.

The fifth and final trend in modern logo design falls within the realm of "responsive logos". This particular trend was introduced by the company Nokia and it basically involves having one or more pictures (often static images) superimposed over your actual text. This is then made more apparent to readers when they open up the envelope or look at the manual. This is not an innovative design idea, per se, but it is effective when done correctly. In addition to being highly effective and useful, responsive logos allow companies to save a lot of money when it comes to printing costs because they do not require any additional development or updating to accommodate a new set of standards for printing.

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