First Blog Post

First Blog Post

I am not so good with words, neither am I quick to frame beautiful sentences and paras. So like any other regular person, I googled exactly that - "How to write first blogpost". I read through so many things that said what to and what not to include, and I found a really helpful article from a reader's point of view as to what I should start with. So here goes!

What's my story?

I'm not just another girl who's obsessed with makeup, it runs in every vein of my body. Okay that's exaggeration. But let me rewind and start from the start. I graduated as an architect 2 years ago, and since then have worked as an architect and freelance makeup artist.

Like any other kid, I used to pick up my mums makeup and slop it over my face. Since the 7th grade, I was obsessed with eye liners and that was literally all I wore to all the wedding functions I attended ( at the time most of my cousins in India were getting married ), and that turned out to be a hell of a practice. That progressed to me buying my first ever foundation and few brushes as soon as I was done with my 12th board exams. Yep, I was late in that manner considering everyone had already started building their makeup kits. And before I knew it, I had my own little collection and used my younger sis as my practice face chart.

The funny thing though, I started my Instagram page and sharing my work with everyone right when I was working on my final year thesis. It confused my professors and classmates. I really wonder how I had the time!

Even though I love makeup, it was architecture that I always wanted pursue as my career. I was pretty good with everything I did during my university too. Not to boast, but I graduated a Magna cum Laude. The fact that it is a combination of art and science, is what really attracted me. But when I experienced the reality of it as an intern and employee, I realized that sitting on a desk all day long and mainly just drafting wasn't something I had imagined of. And I was really taken aback. I love art. I love designing. I love DIYs. I love being productive in a creative manner, and thats how I got more consistent and regular with my makeup works and posts. Of course the pouring love and support from everyone really motivated me to do more and more of it, and now, here I am! I won't give up on architecture though, I would still like to work my brain through that stress from time to time as a freelancer :)

I love where I am today, and sometimes it takes a while to figure out what you really want in life, and that's okay!


More about the blog, in my next post.


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