Advantages and Disadvantages of Inverter Air Conditioners

Advantages and Disadvantages of Inverter Air Conditioners

May 19, 2021, 7:41:03 AM Tech and Science

Summer heat is something that is difficult to bear. India has got a long summer season, and the heat is terrible. The only escape to such heat is an air conditioner. It gives you instant cooling and makes your living a comfortable one. An air conditioner is now a necessity and can be easily afforded by Indian families. For comfortable living, you need an air conditioner for your home. However, with an air conditioner high-end expensive electricity bills also come. It becomes difficult to handle the high utility bills of an air conditioner. Keeping this in mind, LG has come up with some best Inverter AC that gives effective cooling without giving you costly bills. Apart from affordability, you will enjoy the best air conditioning with an inverter. However, it comes with some drawbacks too. Before you buy an inverter air conditioner, read on to learn more.


Advantages of inverter air conditioner


  • Effective cooling: An inverter air conditioner gives you effective cooling. It works on automatic regulation that gets adjusted with your room temperature. If you bring home an inverter AC, you will find effective cooling throughout your space. You will enjoy the cooling, as it maintains a perfect temperature so that it is comfortable for you. Did you know that an inverter air conditioner can even heat up your space during winter? Now that is an added advantage that you enjoy. So for effective cooling, you can rely on the best inverter AC.
  • Energy efficiency: With an inverter air conditioner you can save a lot on your electricity bills. It does not consume high power and regulates the temperature according to the comfort level. More than 60% savings can be expected if you are going for an inverter air conditioner. When you use an inverter air conditioner, you will have an eco-friendly cooling experience that does not consume high voltage power.
  • No noise: An inverter air conditioner offers comfort. It doesn’t make any noise while it is running. This happens because the inverter air conditioner does not consume a lot of power energy. You can enjoy perfect comfort while you sleep and work.
  • No interruptions: When you use an inverter air conditioner, there will be nointerruption in your comfort. You will enjoy perfect cooling even when there is a power outage or some voltage fluctuations. While your neighborhood is dark and warm, you get to enjoy perfect cooling. You can use it without any hurdle, and keep your room cool even when there is no access to electricity.
  • Perfect for cooling any space: An inverter air conditioner is perfect to cool down any space. If you buy it for your master bedroom, or your dining hall, or your small room, it will cool it down effectively. For any room space, an inverter air conditioner works without any limitations.


Disadvantages of inverter air conditioner

  • Budget: An inverter air conditioner is expensive. It is double the price of a non-inverter air conditioner. Buying an inverter air conditioner becomes difficult for people with a low budget.
  • High maintenance: An inverter air conditioner comes with high maintenance cost. It works perfectly for a long time span, but when it needs repairing you will have to lose your pocket.


Finishing up

However a window AC price in India is much lower than that of an inverter air conditioner. The best inverter AC belongs to LG and you can easily afford one.

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