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The tale of two television displays goes hand in hand. It started with bulky plasma television and since then there has been an advancement from LCD to LED. If you see, the LCD is the first flat-screen television that replaced the bulky dumb box. An LCD has been a part of entertainment and smart watching, but an LED is always better and smarter. The tales of the two displays are very related to one another, yet very distinct and different. If you are looking to buy one, you need to understand how they stand apart from one another. When you are investing in television, it is good to make the right decision after knowing everything about LCD vs LED because it will stay with you for a long time.

What is an LCD?

The liquid crystal display technology is the first flat screen television in India. It has surely given the best experience after the bulky plasma television. An LCD does not emit its own light but reflects the light that is present around the television. It was the best option until the advent of the LED. An LCD television is a good quality viewing device at an affordable range.

Features of LCD

●      Native Resolution. Unlike CRT monitors, LCD monitors display information well at only the resolution they are designed for.

●      Very affordable prices are available for various brands like LG.

●      Wide viewing angles so that you can watch your LCD content from any part of the room.

●      The contrast ratio ensures bright whites and dark blacks for good picture quality.

●      The response rate is high in changing the color pixels on the television screen.

●      LCD monitors are very flexible and can be positioned according to the needs of the angle.

What is an LED?

A LED is an advanced form of LCD. The light-emitting diodes produce their own light and emit it. The picture quality is amazing and it is much flatter than the LCD screen. It has a single panel and that makes it flat and perfect. The performance of a LED is beyond the reach and much more amazing than an LCD TV. It is expensive, but if you need a better picture experience, you must go for a LED TV.

Features of LED

●      LED can generate different light colors. It produces light and can bring in various colors to give a perfect viewing experience

●      Long-life can be a guarantee when you use an 43 inch led smart tv

●      Energy efficiency is there with a LED so that the consumption is low

●      Perfect viewing angles

●      IPS and high definition picture quality

●      Flat-screen

●      Flexibility is there

Finishing up

The tale of LCD takes the generation to a modern and advanced LED TV. Though the battle between LED vs LCD continues, you can visit the LG website for a perfect Android LED TV.

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