We always have a Choice

We always have a Choice

Sep 4, 2016, 4:14:24 AM Life and Styles

We always have a choice; a choice to choose between right or wrong. A choice to choose between being wicked or kind, a choice to smile or frown, a choice to offer a helping hand or to withdraw from helping, a choice to be friendly or  to be unfriendly…the list goes on.

Even though we might not be aware of it, we are most times involved in choosing. In a day, we go through a lot of decision making; from what we might consider as little decisions, to big decisions.

We choose whether we queue appropriately, whether we follow the proper channel for doing some things, whether we are honest in or dealings, whether we are good Christians, and so on.

We choose; consciously or unconsciously.

Those choices we make can either affect us negatively or positively. If we choose right choices, we get right results. If we choose the wrong choices, we get wrong results.

And so, we always have a choice. Whatever situation we find ourselves, there is always a choice to make; whether good choice or bad choice.

What makes the difference is the kind of choice we make. For instance, if I’m faced with doing something I know it’s definitely not good for me, or something I know is not what God approves of, I already know that choosing the wrong option is bad for me, and on the other hand, choosing the right option is good for me.

In the same way, if I get faced with a discouraging situation; let’s say maybe someone did something unfair to me. I can choose; I can choose whether or not I allow the person’s attitude affect me or not.

Also, if faced with a situation that can weigh me down or make me sad, I can choose either to allow the situation weigh me down, or to keep trusting in God and have faith in Him.

And so, choose the right choices, not the bad ones.

When choosing, let us always remember to choose rightly, to make the right decisions, and not the wrong ones. Most importantly, let us always commit all that we do unto God and let us live a life that is pleasing unto Him.


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