Importance Of Remote Learning And Kumon Hybrid Centres

Importance Of Remote Learning And Kumon Hybrid Centres

Dec 1, 2021, 11:47:27 AM News

Just like the people have adopted the “New Normal” standards of social distancing, work from home and post-pandemic style of living, children have adjusted to a lot of changes too. Especially when it comes to schools and tutoring, a lot has changed in the past two years with the epidemic and lockdowns. Online schools and virtual classes have become the “New Normal” of learning and teaching in the education sector.


Even though schools are gradually opening and students are more than excited for the “Back to School” season. But the question is how they will settle from the online and virtual classes back to real schools? The parents, as well as educators, are anxious about balancing the need to take precautions and reduce the spread of the Virus. And at the same time developing the interest of the students towards more productive learning. And this is where the role of remote learning and hybrid centres come in. While students might start going back to school, however, the parents may still be sceptical about sending their children to kids learning centres or after school programmes. And the importance of early childhood education or after school programmes for kids cannot be denied.

Kumon - A Remote and Hybrid Way Of Learning

Kumon understands the current situation and regardless of how your kids are learning this year, whether virtual or within the classroom, Kumon is here to assist. We are different from tutoring. We offer personalised and curated programmes based on the potential and learning capacity of every child. Whether you are looking for remote learning, virtual classes or hybrid centres with both virtual and real classes facilities Kumon can assist you. We make sure that your children fill within the gaps in their learning. The Kumon Method will provide the structure your children need and ensure that they continue to improve their math, reading and writing skills.

 The early childhood education programs starting from as young as 3 years old going up to high school, complement what children learn in class while actively developing critical thinking skills. Children progress independently through a carefully designed reading and math program tailored to their pace of learning.

How is Kumon Different From Others?

Kumon is unlike the other educational programs because we do not provide passive teaching from tutors and since the programme will proceed based on the learning pace of your child, it will never be too fast to cope up with, nor too slow. In fact, at Kumon, the instructors design a personalized plan and the children work at their own pace to complete each worksheet. As they progress through the levels of the program, children not only gain the solid understanding of math and reading necessary to excel academically, but the worksheets help them develop critical skills in virtual classrooms sitting at their home or hybrid centres. With Kumon, your child will develop self-study, the ability to figure things out on their own, confidence and become self-reliant.

How Does Kumon Remote Learning And Hybrid Centres Work?

In uncertain times like during and after the pandemic period, we at Kumon understand the anxiousness of the parents. Therefore, we are offering remote learning as well as hybrid centres for teaching and learning. For the remote learning of virtual classes, our instructors and educators will be available online to help and guide your child. And our hybrid centres offer the flexibility of either attending virtual classes or coming to the centre and attending offline tutoring sessions.


During the virtual classes, students complete their worksheets and assignments at home, under the observation and guidance of our educators through video conferencing. There is not much difference between online and offline tutoring, apart from video conferencing. The purpose of our virtual class platform is to observe the students while they learn in their space and assist them, give feedback and provide motivation whenever required.


In both virtual, as well as hybrid learning your child will get the following benefits:


●      Development of self-learning

●      Observation of the child’s learning and progress

●      Instructor assistance and guidance

●      Consistent feedback

●      Ongoing progress monitoring and report sharing


The goal of Kumon is to teach students to learn independently. It is self-learning, not tutoring. Do not let the hassle of the pandemic and the “New Normal” standards post-pandemic, affect the academic growth of your child. Attend our free assessment and orientation sessions to know more about the Kumon method of learning and teaching and choose the best for your child.

Published by Ayush Khanna

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