Styling Sneakers Is An Art & This Article Will Help You Become

Styling Sneakers Is An Art & This Article Will Help You Become

Nov 23, 2021, 2:36:42 PM Business

If you haven't been living under a rock, your sneakers are now suitable for more than simply the gym. Despite their humble beginnings as flimsy 'plimsolls' for working-class vacationers and purpose-built athletic footwear, sneakers have become an essential part of every man's (and woman's) wardrobe.

Om today’s time, wearing sneakers has become a fashion statement which is why styling them the right way is important. You can wear them with jeans, dresses, sarees and everything else in your wardrobe making them the most worn pair in your collection. And here’s how you can do it the right way!

The Classics That Never Go Out Of Style

The basic shoe, often known as lows, Chucks, or canvas kicks, is the most versatile casual sneaker available. They go with almost any colour and shade of denim, chinos, and shorts.

When guys wear these types of sneakers to smart casual parties or to work where a dress shoe is needed, we notice that they get a little stuck. The basic sneaker is not appropriate for all occasions and should be reserved for informal occasions only. For a college professor style, print t-shirts, gingham shirts, or even a blazer are your best bet on top.

Ultra-Luxury Sneakers

The luxurious spin on the classic sneaker is our particular favourite. These lovely specimens have made it possible for sneakers to transition from street to smart casual without looking like they belong on a teen. They go well with tailored trousers, slim denim, chinos, and even unstructured suiting in some circumstances.

When compared to ordinary canvas sneakers, these sneakers are generally hefty, so don't wear them with shorts. To match the shoe, keep it refined on top. T-shirts, polos, and smart shirts are all excellent choices. Choose a shirt with a slim or knit tie, a blazer, and slim denim for a more distinctive style.

Must-have Sports Sneakers

Unite, sneakerheads! The sneaker revolution that we have today began with these infants. Jordans, Superstars, and 95s are the on-trend, street-ready shoes that are bursting with colour. When it comes to classic sports Sneakers Shoes, the goal is to locate a pair that fits your style and buy a few pairs in different colours.

When it comes to dressing these sneakers, you'll need slim and tapered-fit denim, loose t-shirts (with or without designs), and casual outerwear. In the summer, pair them with chino shorts for an easy win. The trick is to strike a balance between hip-hop artists and ordinary people. It's up to you whether you want to wear a snapback or not.

Modern Sport Sneakers

If you're not careful, this style of footwear might make you look like Jerry Seinfeld. If you wear them with tracksuit pants, on the other hand, you'll look like a 'house.' Stick to low-profile sneaker releases with a trendy edge as much as possible.

They'll look heavy and out of place if they're too runny/sporty. On weekends, pair these with gym/running gear or as a pair of basic sneakers. Avoid loose-fitting denim at all costs, as it never seems to work. Instead, go for slim Nudie chinos with elastic cuffs. Keep it sporty and informal with mere t-shirts on top.

Designer Sneakers

These high-end sneakers are getting louder and more in-your-face every season, and they're not for the faint of heart. Look at Kanye West for an example of someone who constantly wears them nicely. Wearing these sneakers with skinny denim that's commonly gathered at the bottom and t-shirts with open plaid shirts is a popular look. There's also the Parisian aesthetic, which features long, drapey jackets and singlets that give the outfit an extra edge. Longer, looser-fitting t-shirts, as well as black denim, are must-haves.

Innovative And High Tech Sneakers

Only a few people will be brave enough to wear this footwear. They're really fashion-forward, and I find that they go best with drapey, long-fitting garments. Stick to black and don't do anything to bring attention to the shoes — they'll take care of themselves. When wearing these types of kicks, you want people to assume you're not trying too hard, therefore muted clothing is great.

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