What is the importance of personal protective equipment?

What is the importance of personal protective equipment?

Nov 22, 2021, 7:41:33 AM Business

PPE or Personal Protective Equipment Kit protects the user against any kind of physical hazard presented by the workplace environment. It acts as a preventive measure for the industries which are known for their hazardous environments such as mining and manufacturing. It is extremely important for the safety equipment provided on the job to meet the Personal Protective Equipment Regulation (PPER). Therefore, personal protective equipment manufacturers in India build the most effective PPE kits that meet the correct fit, size, and height of the user.

Different types of PPE and their uses

●      Eye and Face Protection: Eye protective shields not just protect the wearer’s eyes, but also their face. A face shield used at the construction site is an example of eye and face protection. It protects against a variety of hazards such as dust, radiation, gas, and chemical splashes. Personal protection equipment manufacturers in India produce a variety of face shields suitable for different job roles in different industries.

●      Safety Gloves: PPE gloves are extremely useful to safeguard the hands of workers from extreme temperatures, abrasions, punctures, electric shocks, cuts and various chemicals. A variety of safety gloves are available in the Indian market that offers protection of different levels. You need to consider the type of hazards at your workplace before choosing a suitable one. Best quality safety gloves are offered by Mallcom and you can check them out at their website.

●      Head Protection: Safety helmets or Hard Hats offer head protection from flying objects, falling objects, and hair getting caught in machinery. These protective helmets are coded in different colours for different job roles. Mallcom offers one of the best quality hard hats for extreme protection from different hazards.

●      Safety Footwear: Safety footwear is used against slips, falls, and trips at a workplace and is considered one of the most prevalent in every industry. Apart from these, safety footwear also offers protection against sharp and heavy objects from piercing and crushing the feet and legs of the workers. Get the best safety footwear at Mallcom.

Importance of PPE kits at the workplace

To make a workplace as safe as possible, many guidelines and instructions are in place in every industry. Even employees are given proper training and supervision to prevent any type of hazards. But apart from all safety systems, some hazards might remain. These include breathing contaminated air, falling items, debris and waste in the air, extreme heat or cold, and contact from corrosive substances.

In that case, the PPE kit works as a layer of protection in the workplace. It forms a final barrier between the occupational hazards and the employees on their day to day work. To protect employees from specific dangers, personal protection equipment manufacturers in India build different protective wears for different parts of the body. Below presented are the top reasons why to use PPE at your workplace.

●      Prevents your liability for your own injuries

Even if a PPE kit is provided by an employer, an employee’s decision not to wear it is one of the main reasons for the change of liability of a workplace illness or injury into the personal liability of the employee. But faithfully, using all the PPE equipment at the workplace is the best way to ensure an employer’s full liability for any illness or injury caused to employees. Being an employee, you should be fully aware and educated on which equipment is needed for which tasks.

●      Prevents from long-term effects from a failure

If you feel fine at the end of your shift, that doesn’t mean that you have properly protected your body. Subjection to certain chemicals and substances can result in long-term effects on your body. One such example is Asbestos fibre which is used in the construction of materials in various industries, which can cause a rare form of cancer named Mesothelioma.

Current safety regulations require specific PPE kits to be worn while working with Asbestos fibre. Personal protective equipment manufacturers in India make sturdy PPE kits suitable against the use of Asbestos fibre. Employees must take advantage of the current medical knowledge against the industrial risk factors and use the required PPE kit to safeguard their health.


PPE is important for the protection from occupational hazards at the worksite. Though the supplying of protective gear is one of the most important step that every employer should take for their employers. 

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