Ayushakti’s Skinotox Treatment- Natural way of curing skin problems

Ayushakti’s Skinotox Treatment- Natural way of curing skin problems

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There are various types of skin problems that a person might suffer. Due to an unhealthy lifestyle and bad eating habits, you might suffer from skin-related problems like acne, pigmentation but if these skin-related problems are not treated at the earliest this might lead to major skin problems including psoriasis, dermatitis, etc. Ignoring the problem at the early stages might lead to redness to the skin, itching disorders which might reduce the confidence of the person and might increase the anxiety in a person.

Ayurveda recognizes and helps in treating different problems at the earliest so that it is treated specifically and precisely. Due to our unhealthy food habits, stress, and exposure to chemicals and toxins lead to skin eruption and it might take a long time to heal. Ayushakti is one of the best panchkarma centre in Mumbai which is well known for treating different skin related problems using ancient ayurvedic treatment methods. Ayushakti is a well-recognized ayurvedic clinic that has done treatment across the world.

Ayushakti’s skin-specific skinotox treatment for treating different skin problems naturally

Ayushakti’s skinotox treatment is a natural treatment method that has been designed by Ayshakti for treating skin-related problems using different types of natural herbs.

Ayushakti’s Skinotox treatment main functions are           

1)   It focuses on balancing the hyperactive immune system

2)   Help in regenerating the regular skin

3)   The main function is to purify the blood, muscle tissues, and the excess dosha

Skinotox’s main program includes

1)   Ayurvedic proven diet- Highly recommended avoiding dairy products, extremely spicy food products, red meat, and fish.

2)   Ayushakti proven kitchen remedy- Ayushakti focuses on food as food plays a major role in the health of a person. According to Ayushakti experts, take 1 teaspoon Turmeric Powder, ¼ teaspoon black pepper with half a glass of water twice every day.

3)   Panchkarma/Detox Treatment – Ayushakti has designed a special Skinotox detox treatment. This panchkarma focuses on

a)    Removing excess dosha and unwanted toxins from the body

b)   Remove these toxins out of the body through purgation

c)    The last step is to regenerate new skin through internal as well as external treatments.

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