Will Japan still host the 2021 Tokyo Olympics?

Will Japan still host the 2021 Tokyo Olympics?

Jun 17, 2021, 6:35:07 AM Sport

The term Olympic itself brings immense excitement within us! Who doesn’t love watching the Olympics and waiting for the results for their favorite country to win? But it seems like, there’s a pause in this excitement. Now you must be wondering what exactly we are trying to address. It’s all due to the Coronavirus-19, the world has turned upside down and many have to give up their dreams. Being the best sports institution Dehradun, Ayush Cricket academy is an idol for all aspiring cricket players who want to groom themselves right from the scratch. ACA shares its opinion and facts regarding this topic.

Since the outburst of the virus started spreading extensively during the start of 2020, it has resulted in pushing the dates of Summer Olympic 2020 which was supposed to be hosted in Tokyo, Japan. Now the question comes since 2020 has passed away will Japan still host the 2021 Tokyo Olympics? Keep reading to know more!

The 2020 summer Olympics which is also known as Tokyo Olympics is an international multi-sports competition. Players from various parts of the world come to play and win the match. Last year in 2020, Japan was selected as the host for the 2nd time but due to the rise of the coronavirus pandemic, the dates were further pushed. Now the dates have been postponed to 2021 from 23rd July to 8th August 2021. But now the question arises whether it will be safe to conduct Olympic? Well, it totally depends upon the situation in the host country. Currently, the situation of the pandemic is improving and all the players coming from different places will be tested and all the best safety measures will be taken. Canceling the Olympics causes a huge loss for the host country as well as for the players.

The amount of time investment that the players do for the preparation of the Olympics starts dropping if it is not conducted properly. It is also observed that the number of foreign athletes, staff members, media members overall the “Olympic family” members have reduced to more than half now and it is already going to impact the Olympics. All we can hope for now is for a better tomorrow and pray for the situation to improve! Wishing all the best to the entire team of the Olympics may their hard work turn out to be fruitful?

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