9 important things to know for fishing in Dubai

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9 important things to know for fishing in Dubai

Jan 17, 2022, 8:42:39 AM Sport

There are a lot of adventurous points in Dubai for tourists and one of the famous ones is Fishing dubai. To enjoy hunting and a refreshing trip to the sea, Deep Sea fishing is a perfect activity to spend a day differently than the daily boring routine. It is a great sport for lovers of fish hunting. Even if you are not an experienced hunter, you can still indulge in a Dubai fishing trip and try your luck catching fish in the deep sea. In this post, we will share some tested tips to boost your chances of catching lots of fish in the seas.

1.   Know the fish

Before going on hunting in the deep sea, read about the types of fish available in the area. If you are looking for a particular type, make sure it is available in your hunting place. Moreover, also know if you have to make specific lures and types of gear to catch that particular fish and what are the most possible areas to find it.

2.   Invest in quality equipment

Though you do not need expensive fishing equipment to fish, however, it should be of good quality. Invest in good gears, hooks, and rods that are durable and build to last for a long time.

3.   Location in the sea

To find a good catch, you need to invest your energies in finding a good hunting spot in the sea where there are more chances of the presence of fish. The submerged wood, reefs, and wrecks are some of the areas with more chances of finding fish. Also, look in the direction of seagulls. The presence of seagulls in a particular area in the sea means more fish in that area.

4.   Knots

Make sure to retie the knots once you have caught a fish to catch another one. If you are a frequent hunter, then consider changing the tackles after every two trips into the deep sea. A well-maintained gear and knotting system is paramount to catching good fish.

5.   Lures

When it comes to luring, color contrast matters the most. The seawater changes its color on a bright sunny day, midnight, and during a hazy day. Therefore, you need to learn about the clarity of water and the perfect-colored lures.

6.   Day and Time

For fishing, you need to decide the day and time before going fishing. Select such a day when there are no or lower chances of rain or thunderstorms. If you are going for a day-out, then watch out for that temperature as it should be bearable to stay in the open sea for hours. As per experts, thirty minutes after the sunset, sunrise, moonset, and moonrise is the perfect time to go fishing in the deep sea.

7.   Patience

You don't need to find a good number of fish each time you go fishing. If you come empty-handed from the sea, it is not your fault. Fishing requires a lot of patience and expertise to catch a fish. People spend hours and back-to-back days in search of good fish till they find a good catch. Therefore, you must remain and patient and persistent to catch a good fish.

8.   Learn

If you are a newbie, you need to read and learn about fishing in your area. You can take help from other people out there fishing to learn more tricks and tips to catch good fish.

9.   Safety

If you have hired Fishing charters Dubai for deep sea fishing, then you must ensure that you are following all the safety regulations of the land to remain safe. Moreover, you need to stay hydrated therefore keep water bottles and lemonades to stay hydrated as well as keep seasickness at bay. Apply a good quality sunscreen and cover the exposed area of the body to avoid sunburn if you are planning to take a day trip into the sea.




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