5 Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience with Signage

5 Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience with Signage

Dec 11, 2021, 8:24:04 AM Business

Signs positioned strategically throughout the store will augment the customer experience while reinforcing your brand image in their minds. Given the fierce competition from internet retailers, Seattle's brick-and-mortar businesses can considerably benefit from improved in-store signage.

The first step toward a better customer experience with signage and graphics is to improve the design. This is why hiring a professional sign shop like iGraphics to design and produce a Sign Board Sharjah that will assist you in achieving your objectives is critical.

Continue reading to learn more about five customer experience-enhancing signage options for your Seattle business:

Window Graphics

Simple windows won't assist you market your items or services. Passers-by are only able to see your store shelves and nothing else. Window graphics are a blank canvas on which you can promote your items or express your brand's story. They have the ability to elicit excitement and intrigue while conveying your vital messages.

iGraphics' the leading signage companies in Dubai and state-of-the-art printers will create the perfect-fitting window design that will allow you to attract a larger consumer base, regardless of the size of your window.

Outdoor Signs

Your company's keystone is an exterior sign. It should convey a story, promote your business, and provide a compelling reason for people to participate. It's one of the first things visitors notice when they arrive at your front door.

Before commissioning an outdoor sign, it's critical to think about the design as well as the placement. Many businesses fail to do so, resulting in a sign that is ineffectual.

Will cars be able to view your exterior sign when stopped at a red light if your business is near a major thoroughfare? Consider illumination as well—does your sign have adequate nighttime lighting to illuminate it in the evening?

Indoor Signs

Simple wall posters to vibrant 55" digital television screens are all examples of indoor signage. To improve your branding, you can also employ pop-up banners to drive customers to a deal or full-length and full-color wall displays.

When creating indoor signs, remember that it's not about you—about it's solving your consumers' problems. If you wish to advertise your brand, make sure to do so in such a way that the potential customer can see the many reasons why they should buy from you.

Vehicle Graphics

A vehicle graphic is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your company. They can produce up to 20,000 impressions each day—or even more! To assist promote your products or services, you can choose from a basic design to a full wrap.

Vehicle graphics, when done by a competent Signage Companies in Sharjah like iGraphics, will not harm the paint of your car or truck. Cleaning up is a breeze; simply wipe away any dirt or grime with a moist rag. 

To keep your messaging current, you can swap out your vehicle graphics on an annual or bi-annual basis. If a car wrap is too much for you, consider vehicle lettering on the side of your front two doors or a magnetic sign that can be removed just as simply.


An A-board, also known as sandwich signs or A-frames, is a great way to get pedestrians and vehicular traffic's attention. Many restaurants and cafés utilize them to great advantage to promote sales and specials.You can have an A-board made in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials to complement your company's logo.

Indoor and Outdoor Banners

A larger-than-life indoor or outdoor banner is the best approach to attract the attention of your customers. Indoor banners are a terrific approach to assist promote seasonal specials or further enhance the brand experience due to their big size. Velcro, grommets, or robust wires can be used to secure them.

Outdoor banners are an excellent technique to draw the attention of passing vehicles. If you're going to make them yourself, keep in mind that the lettering's height is directly proportional to how far people can read them. If you're worried about the wind, we can make perforated banners that let the breeze pass through without turning the banner into a big sail.

Sign Design and Creation in Seattle

Look no further than iGraphics signage consultants Dubai for assistance in improving your customer experience. Our in-house graphic designers will sit down with you and develop the ideal indoor or outdoor sign to keep your clients informed while also keeping your brand fresh in their minds.

Countless Sharjah businesses and groups have used our services to design the ideal retractable banner for their store or event. To find out more about how iGraphics sign board makers in Sharjah can help you create and design your next project, contact today.

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