Why Should You Rent a Self-Storage Unit with a Drive-Up Door

Why Should You Rent a Self-Storage Unit with a Drive-Up Door

Jan 29, 2022, 9:52:08 AM Business

Are you considering whether or not to get a drive-up storage unit when you rent Extra space storage Dubai? Drive-up access may be the best option for you if you want to store important, heavy things or enjoy the convenience of ground-level storage that you can pull right up to.

How Can Self-Storage Be Made Easier With Drive-Up Storage?

Drive-up access can make your storage experience more convenient! Drive-up self-storage is an excellent feature because it allows for easy loading and offers a variety of storage unit sizes for commercial storage Dubai.

Loading & Unloading Made Simple

The most significant advantage of drive-up access at the Storage unit in Al Quoz is that you may drive or move a car right up to your storage unit to unload and load belongings. Unlike a standard indoor storage unit, which is placed within a building, a drive-up unit is positioned outside, so you won't have to worry about storing items in cramped hallways or up flights of stairs.

Sizes of Storage Units

Drive-up access units are available in a broader range of sizes, ranging from modest 55 units to 1030 and greater! Check out our storage unit size guide or call our team of Short Term Storage Dubai self-storage specialists to see which unit is appropriate for you before reserving a drive-up unit with Extra Space Storage.

Oversized items are easier to store.

Drive-up storage is your best bet for keeping essential things, including household appliances, mattresses, recreational equipment, and more! Not only will you be able to find larger drive-up units to accommodate these products, but you'll also be able to pull your vehicle right up to your unit to move items in and out!

Commercial Storage is simple and convenient.

There is no such thing as too much storage space for enterprises. It's not uncommon to run out of room at your business, whether an office or a home office, with records, equipment, resources, inventory, and more. Use the information below to understand better the many business Storage Rental in Dubai solutions offered which make the most sense for your business. Drive-up access is advantageous for corporate storage, particularly for keeping inventory, materials, or equipment. Picking up and dropping off supplies is easier if you rent a storage unit with drive-up access near your business or in your customer service area.

Uses of Drive-Up Storage Unit

While drive-up units can make your self-storage experience easier in many ways, they can also be utilized to store a range of objects, such as vehicles and business merchandise.

Vehicle Storage

Do you require easy automobile storage? Drive-up storage containers are ideal for a variety of vehicle kinds. Vehicles such as cars, motorbikes, and small recreational vehicles such as jet skis can be stored at many Extra Space Storage facilities. Larger vehicles, such as boats and RVs, may be able to park in oversized drive-up units at some locations.

Furniture Storage

If you're using Short Term Storage Dubai solutions during relocation; a storage unit with drive-up access may be handier for your furniture storage requirements. When you can unload and load furniture directly from your moving truck, it makes moving huge couches, mattresses, dining tables, desks, appliances, and much more manageable.

Recreational Equipment Storage

Recreational equipment comes in various sizes, and while smaller items may typically be stored at home, larger ones can quickly fill up a garage, shed, basement, or attic. Camping equipment, skis, and snowboards can be tough to keep at home and can be placed in a nearby drive-up storage unit to help free up some room.

Storage of business inventory and documents

Drive-up storage can save time when delivering and storing business inventory and supplies. Furthermore, many Extra Space Storage sites allow deliveries, making small business inventory management in self-storage a breeze.


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